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You see a clogged kitchen drain, and the experience is awful. Then the worried lady in blue pops up the bottle of a chemical drain cleaner, dumps in a few spoons of it down the drain, turns around, and smiles!

Well, this might be true for a TV commercial, but life is different in the real world. Chemical drain cleaners that appear to be an easy option for clogged drains are far more harmful to your drain, your health, and the environment than you can imagine. Here are six good reasons to avoid the use of chemical drain cleaners. Read to find out these reasons and know what to do instead in case of clogged drains.

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If there were only one thing you should always hope to happen right, it’s that your toilet flushing properly at the right time. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Toilets may clog, and even worse, they can overflow. However, it is possible to prevent sewage from spilling on your bathroom tiles, but only when you know how to handle this nightmare. The least you can do to handle this situation is to stay prepared. Read on to find out what to do in case your toilet overflows.

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Summer is just around the corner. The bright sunshine, the lovely warm afternoons, family gatherings and backyard barbeques (only once the pandemic is in control) make this season one of the most awaited times of the year. But while it allows you to enjoy some family and friends gatherings together, it is also that time of the year when your plumbing system is most likely to experience problems. Find out the 7 most common plumbing problems during this season and how you can avoid them so that you can enjoy your summers in the best possible way.

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Garbage disposals are one of the most loved appliances in the home. With the flick of a switch, garbage disposal allows you to mash up various types of foods. While it is convenient, not all foods are okay to dump in your garbage disposal. After all, it is a sensitive appliance (and an expensive one too!). So if you are lucky enough to have one in your home, make sure you know about what you should not put down your garbage disposal.

Since most people think that a garbage disposal can crush down everything, they end up damaging their appliance. To help save this trouble, we have compiled a list of foods that should not go in your garbage disposal so that it can remain in the right working condition, and you can continue to enjoy its benefits for longer.

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When you plan a vacation, you make sure that you have all the traveling essentials and necessary things that you will need while you are away from home. But there are a few steps that you need to take to make sure your home stays safe from plumbing disasters while you are gone. So before you pack your bags and head out, take a look at the following plumbing tips to help ensure your home is in a 'vacation-mode’.

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Since December 2019, COVID-19 has created a havoc on Earth. Spreading throughout the world, COVID-19, also known as the novel Coronavirus, has affected millions of people and claimed thousands of lives. In the US only, there are more than 890,000 confirmed cases with more than 50,000 deaths, and the numbers are just increasing.

This highly contagious virus has spread panic and despair around the world. The virus typically spreads through droplets, which result from sneezing, coughing, or simply breathing of the infected person. Since these liquid droplets are too heavy to stay stagnant in the air, they very quickly settle down to the surface. Now, this can be any surface. Whether its floor, table, or an air conditioner duct, an infectious droplet can survive and spread through these surfaces.

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Water leaks in a wall are a serious plumbing issue. In fact, it is a dangerous situation which can cause structural damage, lead to staining and deterioration of wall paper and also result in the growth of molds which is a potential health hazard for the family. But the key question remains how to find a water leak inside a wall.

If you too are someone looking for the answer, this post is for you. This short guide will tell you how to find a leak inside a wall. It will also give some possible solutions on how to fix it.

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Hundreds and thousands of people visit commercial facilities, such as retail outlets, banks, malls and restaurants every day. And one of the most unpleasant experiences at such facilities revolve around inadequate restrooms. It is not uncommon to notice clogged up toilets and sinks or low pressure of water in the faucets.

While some of these conditions are unhygienic, they can also have a damaging effect on the reputation of the business. According to research, 30% of the people who have an unpleasant toilet experience at a commercial facility claim that they would not return to that facility. Since inadequate plumbing can have a negative effect on your commercial goodwill, it is extremely important to understand a few commercial plumbing problems and how to get rid of them. This will save customer inconvenience and add to your commercial goodwill.

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