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Can water really be hard? While this is not possible in the literal sense of the word, water hardness is a quality of water which is actually determined by the amounts of mineral that are dissolved in it. Two of the most common minerals responsible for water hardness are calcium and magnesium. If either of these two is found in high concentrations, the water is said to be hard.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard before- Mesa Plumbing Company would like to tell you that the garbage disposal in your home isn’t as tough as you think.

Having a garbage disposal in your home is a blessing – there is no doubt about that. You have no trouble with the food scraps you end up with everyday. It is, however, only a blessing if you know how to use it!

Water Filtration

Everybody knows how essential water is for our everyday lives. People who work throughout the day in warm climates can even drink up to about 16 liters on a daily basis. They do so to keep hydrated and control their body temperature.

While all of the above is obvious, did you know that about 95% of the American population tends to drink only about 1 liter of water on a daily basis. If you think that’s alright, we’re here to tell you that they should be drinking a minimum of 2 or 3 liters.

Did you that about 40 deaths are caused per year because of gas leaks? This is why gas safety should be taken seriously by every household. That being said, we are going to be discussing what causes carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks and how one can detect leaks.

Mesa Plumbing Company keeps getting asked questions about backflow, foul odors and slow drainage issues. These issues (and a few more) are common because of a couple of reasons. This can be because of materials used to make plumbing systems such as softer metal or plastic. These materials are more affordable and lighter and can be easily built into homes.

In the past few years the water heater industry has experienced a few shakeups. All of which are thanks to the mandates in higher water heater efficiencies, new technologies and consumers making a shift towards tank-type water heaters.

All of these shakeups have left homeowners really confused about what kind of water heater to purchase and what to consider before purchasing one. So if you’re planning to enter this chaos and get yourself a new water heater, then you should definitely go over the following considerations.

The desert of Phoenix, Arizona has been providing residents with drinking water and its common to see people asking, “Is this water healthy to drink? Where does it come from?” These questions are common because of the quality and taste of the water which is delivered into people’s homes from the desert.

Problems with your plumbing can lead to some of the most disastrous issues in your home and the most expensive repairs that you will need to make as a homeowner. A plumbing system that’s working properly in your home won’t attract a lot of attention. You can go about your life easily without a worry in the world. It’s only when your home’s plumbing system becomes problematic that you notice how big of a deal it is. Plumbing leaks and the subsequent property damages can easily grab your attention.

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