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Hair can create big mess in the bathroom by blocking water flow in the drains. It can be frustrating to see water reaching your ankles every time you run the water.

If you’re wondering how to prevent hair from clogging drains, then here are some practical ways to do it yourself in easy steps.

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Why and When Do Pipes Burst?

Sudden pipe bursts can be dangerous, which is why it’s crucial to know some plumbing basics so that you can take preventive measures and ensure your house safety.

Pipelines burst usually during the winter season when the incoming water has lower temperature compared to the summer season. This causes pipelines to contract, increasing water pressure on the weaker parts and causing them to burst.

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It can be really frustrating to see your furniture floating all around the house due to a sudden sewage system failure. Besides soiling your carpets and flooring, the drain water from your sewerage line can leave a long-lasting stench in your house.

A sewer backup usually consists of gray water, which can cause health-related problems if inhaled for a longer period of time. Hence, ignoring sewage system problems for a long time may create extensive damage to your property.

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Toilet problems might seem daunting, but some of them are just a simple fix. Reaching out to a professional plumber every so often can be frustrating for some people. Therefore, it’s no bad to learn a few tips and tricks to fix some of the most common toilet problems yourself at home.

If you look closely, your toilet isn’t made up of many parts. Generally, a toilet has two parts that mostly hide your problems: a water tank where you recline and a bowl unit that rests on the floor. Oftentimes, a toilet bowl doesn’t encounter too many problems; however, the water tank might be an uneasy pick.

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A clogged drain can be so frustrating, especially at times when you are in a hurry and find that you need to wait a few minutes so that the water drains completely – assuming that it’s not bad enough to not drain water at all.

When your sink gets clogged, water doesn’t find its way out to the sewers. Hence, signaling that you need to fix your blocked sink and unclog the drains. This might seem difficult, but not anymore with these top hacks to fix your sink that doesn’t drain.

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You’ve got a super shiny and expensive tap fixed atop your modern sink that drips – isn’t that horrible? So why not fix it right away? A dripping tap isn’t only annoying; it can also leave permanent water stains on your sink that won’t go away easily.

Over time, the internal rubber seals or some washers inside the tap can get damaged, causing taps to drip constantly. Luckily, you can easily fix this if you know a handful of pro-advice from a professional.

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Does your house have leaking pipelines and smelly sewers? Have you been living in your house since decades but haven’t replaced your plumbing ever? Then probably you’ve been ignoring some serious safety risks at home.

Although our bathroom pipes can last for years, sometimes, they show signs that your plumbing needs replacement. Ignoring such signs for long can be dangerous in case of freezing and pipe bursts.

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While gas stove problems are common, they can be fixed if you know some basic plumbing hacks. With a bit of effort, you can repair a gas stove at home and save bucks by utilizing your plumbing skills.

Some modern gas stoves may require you to deal cautiously, while traditional gas stoves might be really easy to fix. Furthermore, some repairs involve a thorough investigation to get to the crux of the problem. In such a case, it’s good to afford a professional plumber to avoid messing up with your burners.

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