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Your Ultimate Guide to Electronic Water Heaters

Are you planning to buy a new water heater for your home appliances? Great, but have you decided which one will be best for your family? Many people confuse traditional water heaters with an electronic one, but in actual, there’s a huge difference between them. Traditional water heaters can hold up around 80 gallons of hot water in a huge storage tank. While using warm water, cold water continuously enters the bottom of the tank and is then heated.

On the contrary, in demand electric water heater, cold water moves into the unit and is then heated by an electric heating element. When the water reaches to a fixed temperature (between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit), it flows through the hot water line and to the faucet for use.

Things to consider before buying a water heater

Whether you’re going to buy an electronic water heater or traditional one, remember that it is not enough to only consider the operating costs, you also want to look at things like:

  • Startup costs.
  • Required maintenance.
  • Repair costs.
  • Location and space available in your home.

Pros & Cons of Electronic Water Heater

Following are the few pros and cons of electronic water heater:


  • Electronic water heaters are more proficient than traditional ones as there’s a consistent pilot light burning in gas water tanks. As a result, traditional heaters require close to manage the settings of burning pilot light. Whereas, electronic water heaters don’t need much supervision, as there’s no continuous pilot light burning.
  • Electronic water heaters are able to reduce energy by as much as 40%. If you ever plan to replace your water heaters then electronic one is a great option.
  • Since the flow of water is controlled electronically, the durability of electronic heaters is also more than gas water heaters, and they’re more secure than gas water heaters.
  • While installing electronic water heaters, you have a variety of options to install it in whatever way you want.


  • The very first problem is cost. Electricity is more expensive than gas, thus running electronic water heaters might tax your budget.
  • It works slower than gas heaters; hence, it takes a lot of time to mix both hot and cold water for a perfect bath.
  • Lastly, the flow rate is slower than gas water heaters. If you have a big family, and need a constant supply of large amounts of water, then it’s better to install more than one electric water heaters in your home.

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