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Garbage disposal is one of the most useful kitchen appliances. When you have the disposer, you don’t have to scrape off every little piece of food from the dishes and you can do the dishes easily without worrying about minute food pieces clogging the sink drain.

Garbage disposal does reduce your workload, but like any other appliance, this unit too has a limited lifespan. After operating perfectly for few years (eight to ten), it starts to degrade. If you notice signs of wear and tear on your garbage disposal, you should get it repaired or replaced; depending on the severity of wear and tear.

In this post, we’ll help you determine when it is the right time for you to get a new garbage disposal.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Too Small?

Garbage disposal comes in different sizes. If you have a big family and your garbage disposal is going to get used a lot, a smaller disposal unit won’t be able to last long and it is better to get a bigger unit. Garbage disposal models range from 1/3 horsepower up to 2 hp. Typically, a ½ horsepower garbage disposal unit is suitable for couples or single people who don’t cook extensively. As the number of people in the house increase, the required power for the garbage disposal will increase as well.

The size of the garbage disposal grows as power increases. So, sometimes people opt for a low powered model to conserve the storage space.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Giving Off a Strange Smell?

Garbage disposal do smell sometimes because of the functions they perform. However, if your garbage disposal is continuously giving off a bad smell, it means that there is a problem. If you have tried to clean your garbage disposal with vinegar and baking soda, ice cubes and dish soap, but the smell isn’t going away, the odors may trapped in the unit or drain lines. This means that you’ll have to get a new unit to eliminate the odor.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Making Loud Noises?

If your unit is making loud humming noises but is not turning on, chances are that its motor is dead. The noise that is coming from the garbage disposal unit indicates that it is getting electricity, but since the motor isn’t working, it cannot grind food. The cost of repairing the motor of the unit is usually the same as a new garbage disposal unit; therefore, you should just replace your unit with a new one.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Continuously Clogging?

Your garbage disposal can get clogged because of your own negligence. For instance, sometimes items like chicken bones, potato peels, and celery make their way into the garbage disposal and end up clogging the disposal. However, if you keep these things away from the garbage disposal, you might not be responsible for the clog.

After running for some years, garbage disposals begin to wear out. When they wear out, they get clogged more easily. Typically, a garbage disposal will function fine for eight to ten years. After that, it is common to experience frequent clogs. You should get your garbage disposal replaced if you experience clogs more frequently.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Overheating?

Over time, the motor of the garbage disposal wears out. This can cause the garbage disposal to overheat. If your garbage disposal gets used a lot, the motor will wear out sooner than the typical lifespan of eight to ten years. While the motor can be repaired, it is better to get a new garbage disposal altogether.

But, before you consider replacing your garbage disposal, check out the electrical wiring. Sometimes overheat occurs before of a wiring issue. If wiring issue is causing the overheating issue, you won’t have to get a new unit.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Taking More Time to Grind Food?

If you are sending the same amount of food down the garbage disposal that you always have, but it has begun to take more time to grind the food down, it means that your garbage disposal isn’t functioning properly. The motor may have gotten weak or the blades may have gotten dull which is why your garbage disposal isn’t able to handle the workload. If your garbage disposal isn’t functioning properly and taking more time to grind food then you should consider getting it replaced with a new unit.

Is the Bottom of Your Garbage Disposal Leaky?

If you notice leaks under your garbage disposal unit, it might be time to get the unit replaced. Leaks occur because of cracks inside the garbage disposal unit. It is normal for leaks to occur after eight years if you frequently use your garbage disposal. The leaks cannot be repaired and you can only fix this problem by getting a brand new unit.

These are a few things that indicate that your garbage disposal may need to be replaced. However, before you make the final decision to replace your garbage disposal unit, you should have your unit evaluated by a professional. A garbage disposal is a big investment and you don’t want to replace it if it can still function properly and only needs minor repairs.

Professional technicians at Mesa Plumbing Company are garbage disposal repair experts. They will diagnose the problem right away and fix it. If there’s a major issue with your garbage disposal unit and the only rational option is to replace the unit, technicians will inform you of it. When the garbage disposal warrants replacements, you shouldn’t wait to buy a new unit as a poorly functioning unit can lead to costly repairs. When you need a new unit as a replacement, professional technicians can also suggest the type of garbage disposal that would be perfect for you.

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