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A slab leak is a plumbing epidemic which has plagued the community in Tempe. The problem with slab leaks is that they are fairly common but are difficult to find. In fact, most times they are detected a little too late and considerable damage has already been done.

Slab leaks refer to broken or ruptured pipelines found underneath buildings such as homes or commercial buildings which have concrete floors. Detecting them can be difficult but professionals such as the Mesa Plumbing Company have the tools to detect them without the need to damage your property.

The most obvious sign of a slab leak is water flooding the floor. In most cases; however, the signs will not be so obvious and the leak may go undetected for months. A higher gas bill than usual, warm spot n the floor or a lack of hot water are signs of a slab leak in your home or commercial building in Tempe.

There may be many reasons behind the occurrence of a slab leak. Some of the most common reasons are:


Pipes that have been installed under the ground are in direct contact with the soil. Additionally the water running on the inside of the pipe induces electrolysis. This results in corrosion both on the inside or the outside of the pipe leading to holes.

Hot water pipes are more likely to be affected by this due to the reaction of the chemicals in the soil with the heat. Electric lines running underneath the slab may also energize metallic piping inducing electrolysis. Older homes in Tempe are more prone to such corrosions. Professionals such as the Mesa Plumbing Company can help detect these issues in time to avoid slab leaks through corrosion.


As water moves through the pipes, expansion, contraction and vibrations may occur. This causes the pipe to rub against the concrete, gravel, or other material that the foundation has been made of. This constant friction and abrasion may grate the pipe until a leak occurs.

Insulated pipes with stabilizing supports are less likely to vibrate and cause abrasion. Lack of adhesion and bad joints may also lead to similar issues.


High pressure within pipes may potentially damage them. Other causes of high pressure may include natural phenomenon such as earthquakes or simply poor construction. Pressure may lead the pipes to be creased or crushed depending on the affected area. The formation of creases in pipes may even restrict flow and pressure of water. A crease in a pipe may lead to uneven wear and tear eventually leading to a hole in the problem. These are some of the more extreme cases of slab leaks in Tempe and may lead to massive leakage into the foundation.

The soil under the foundation is washed away putting the property at risk of further damage.

A slab leak is a major concern of people in commercial areas in Tempe with buildings that have concrete slab flooring. This is because such leaks weaken the foundations and cause damage to the property. Timely detection of slab leaks is necessary to take immediate measures.

It is advisable to remain in touch with professionals in Tempe such as the Mesa Plumbing Company especially if you live in a slab leak prone area or are in possession of an old property. Professionals can not only offer consultation but also detect slab leaks accurately and in time. Visit their website at

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