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Many restaurateurs may be skeptical of having a tankless water heater at their establishment, when in fact the truth is quite contrary. Tankless water heaters in Mesa have been known to reduce 16% of the total energy costs. In fact, a properly sized water heater can help you save 45% on water heating expenses.

Since the bottom line is the primary goal of all restaurants and commercial buildings, they need to find ways in which to reduce costs as much as possible. This is why it is so important to take care of your water heaters in Mesa and make sure that they run efficiently as long as possible.


Tankless water heaters are typically 20-40% more efficient at heating water than its conventional tank counterparts. This means that you have hot water quicker but are also saving on money since it doesn’t have to run as long on gas or electrical systems.


For a tank water heater, you will have to find the location fir a tank above your establishment. Tankless heaters are compact and they can be placed within a closet where they are out of sight and even mounted on a wall. This means that you are also free to design your restaurant or commercial building without taking a large water tanker into consideration.

Continuous flow of hot water

Since these don’t rely on a reserve of hot water within a tank, you won’t run out of hot water as the tank empties. Since restaurants are constantly running bathrooms and kitchens they can’t afford to run out of hot water at any given point. This is why tankless water heaters are so important.


The surprising aspect of tankless water heaters is that not only are they compact and provide continuous hot water, they can actually have a longer life. Tankless water heaters can run up to 20 years.


Repairs are less expensive when it comes to tankless water tanks in Mesa. This is because their repair entails a replacement of individual parts and components. The greatest problem with hot water tanks is leakage which threatens the safety of the entire establishment. There are no such threats when it comes to tankless water heaters.

Minerals and Sediments

Since they don’t store any water they are much better equipped to handle the minerals and sediments present inside the water. This makes them less susceptible to damage which may lead to a rupture or a leak.

Water Temperature

With the freedom to set an ongoing water temperature at a reasonable degree which is closer to the one at which it will actually be used, there is a lesser chance of scalding or burns.

Get the Best at the Best Rates

The Mesa Plumbing Company has dealt with tanked and tankless water heaters since their inception in 1949 and have a variety of experience in this regard not only can they provide you with the best rates, they will also be able to guide you regarding the size of the water heater that you need to install and the temperature settings. What’s great about them is that they are only phone call away.

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