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The idea of keeping continuously heated and big storage tanks for water heaters seems a little orthodox in these times, when everything is compact and convenient. It is especially a bad idea for places like restaurants, where the space is scarce and every inch of free-space makes a difference. This is why, tankless water heaters are growing in popularity for commercial as well as residential use.

Experts at Mesa Plumbing Company have listed down several other advantages of having tankless heaters, especially for restaurants. These may not only benefit the restaurant owners in terms of efficient water heating facilities, but also to save their profits. Following are the benefits that you can avail for your restaurant by using tankless heaters:

Save Space

Every foot of the restaurant is valuable, since the owners’ overhead expenses also include the price of area per square foot in their rental amounts. A tankless water heater is as compact as a back pack and is attached to the wall. This saves ground space as well as providing space for walking inside the restaurant. Whereas, the conventional old tank water heaters take the space of up to 5 sq ft. Freeing up this much square footage helps the business make ample room for storage and other tasks.

Energy Efficiency

In order to save restaurant profit margins, owners are always on the lookout to cut down the costs of running the restaurant. One of the biggest necessities for restaurants is hot water for proper cleanliness of the utensils. So, owners know they can’t cut down that cost, however, they seldom know they can bring down the expenses in this regard too.

Tankless heaters are programmed to heat the water “on demand” i.e. they spontaneously heat water when you need it and don’t heat unnecessary and unused water. This capability of tankless heaters makes them energy-efficient and cost-saving, to make your business even more productive.

Efficient Working and Durability

It is tiresome to deal with the temperature pressure regulators of water heaters when you are busy at work. Tankless water heaters treble the benefits by saving you money, time and effort.

Its stand-by heat loss function not only saves you money, but also your time and effort. Where traditional water heaters start losing heat from the walls if they are left unnoticed, this is certainly not the case in these compact heaters. Their benefits become manifold if we compare the durability of these heaters with old heaters, which shows a much longer lifespan of tankless heaters.

Less Energy Consumption

Tankless heaters don’t require as much energy to heat the water in the tank, which adds one more benefit; bill savings! Saving energy at a restaurant is still a possibility even when there are so many lights ablaze to increase your expenses. This compact appliance can reduce a great chunk of your utility bill.

If you want to invest in a tankless water heater replacement to save money in the long run; Mesa Plumbing Company deals in replacements of all types of water heaters in Gilbert, Tempe, Fountain hills, Scottsdale, Mesa, San Tan, and Chandler.

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