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Water is a basic necessity in every home, especially for activities such as showering and washing your clothes. The water that reaches us when we turn on the tap; flows through a complete piping structure in our homes, and thus, in order to get a smooth flow of water, the pipes within your home need to be in proper working order.

While majority of the plumbing systems are made to bear wear and tear for a long period, their resistance to breaks and leaks reduces with time. Thus, you need to pay due attention to the piping system installed within your residence. Proper inspections will allow you to tackle a major plumbing problem sooner rather than later.

Repair or Repipe?

At Mesa Plumbing, a three-generational family-owned specialist plumbing, we understand if the idea of a complete overhaul of the plumbing system appears scary to you. As a homeowner, you’d naturally be wondering how it’s going to affect your property, how long the project’s going to last, and if it’s going to be a stressful experience.

Problems like a small leak only need a quick repair in order to be fixed. This is mostly the case when your pipe system is relatively new; but what if it’s old and troubling you frequently with small repair jobs? What if you are repairing one leak only to find that you’ve to attend to another? That’s a sign that your plumbing is ready for a complete inspection.

If you’ve an aging home, an aging pipe system more specifically; repiping becomes essential, because the pipes will corrode and weaken with time. Not only will it cost you more money with extensive damage if you postpone dealing with it, but also, such pipes are liable to foster all sorts of health problems for you and your loved ones.

Symptoms That Indicate That Your Home Needs a Repiping

You may have noticed that the water coming out of your pipes is rust colored. Or, you may have observed that when water begins to lose pressure all of a sudden and you taste it, it’s bitter.

All these signs, apart from the more obvious leaks and the age of your home (with no records of having undergone a piping recently); hint that you need a repiping job.

DIY Job or Professional Plumber?

Yes, there are some people who, fearing scams or being unwilling to spend more money than they think is necessary; would rather attempt to do the task themselves. But what if there are some advantages, including the following, to hiring qualified services which you failed to consider?

  • They are experienced in their field and therefore, can make a knowledgeable estimate based on their thorough inspection as to what your home needs; whether repairing the pipes would be more practical or replacing them would be more useful.
    Additionally, they can also tell you about the type of repiping that’s necessary for your property.
  • A qualified and licensed technician knows how important safety is in this case. You’d find them coming to work at your home in proper protective gear.
  • A real plumbing company is going to provide you with a warranty, so if something goes wrong within a particular period with the first treatment; you may call them to your home again rather than worrying about what went wrong.

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