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Plumbing is perhaps the most important part of the house as it contributes to the overall hygiene of the place you're residing in.

Consistent check-ups on the plumbing allow your residence to have a longer life as the prevention of clogs and drainage issues keeps your bathroom clean and probably your whole neighborhood! Yes, you got that right!

The drainage system of one house or office affects the entire area so let us discuss how plumbing maintenance can contribute to healthier living.

Things Beginners Need to Know About Plumbing

A professional can save you from a lot of trouble. However, we have a few things here for all the beginners that will help everyone. All sewers, big and small, are connected with the help of pipes, which make up the drainage system.

Drainage pipes, plumbing fixtures, and the main sewer line are a few of the terms that everybody needs to know about! Before you even call a professional for your rescue, take a few minutes to learn about plumbing basics.

Drain Pipes

Drain pipes are pipes used to transfer water from one place to another. A drain pipe is part of all residential areas (literally!). Drain pipes may or may not be seen by the naked eye, depending on how installed. Drainage pipes are often installed underground, but you can always spot an opening and detect its route.

Identifying the importance of a drainage pipe is important as many people take drainage non-seriously and litter unknowingly. The cleaning of the drainage pipe is necessary to avoid any drainage problems.

If you unknowingly flush a non-biodegradable item, it will likely get stuck in the pipe and cause damage. A clogged drainage system due to a blocked drainage pipe would undoubtedly cause issues for the whole community.

Not Everything Can Be Flushed

Being mindful of what you send down the drain is very important. You can not flush or drain all items, specifically items which can not be dissolved over time. The toilet is not the only drainage that can cause a clog due to non-flushable things.

If you are washing dishes, it may be that a banana peel, large seeds, or pieces of bones get through the drainage pipe. Such items can not be dissolved quickly, and they will cause a problem in the future by clogging the drainage.

Be mindful of the items you send down the drain, as hard-to-pass items can cause long-term damage.

When Should a Professional Be Contacted?

Drainage issues are an everyday thing and should not be ignored at all! It is always wise to call a professional as soon as possible as most beginners cannot identify the exact issue, which causes long-term damage to the drainage system for the whole community (as we have mentioned above).

Sewer cleaning, sewer repair, and sewer replacements are a few of the many problems that only professionals can solve.

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning is not a job for beginners! You need a professional to clean the sewer in case of debris, leaves, plastic bags, and obstructions caused by broken-up tree stems or the waste ignored or left behind by cleaners.

Sewers are mostly in the middle of collecting wastewater passing from communal spaces such as houses, offices, and industries. Sewer cleaning is usually caused by materials clogged up in the residential areas.

You need a professional to clean the sewers properly, keep them in working condition, and allow the trouble-free flow of the drainage.

Sewer Replacements

A monthly or annual inspection is not the only reason professional consultation is required. When drainage issues get out of hand, a replacement may be needed. A common person can't replace the drainage pipe.

You must hire a professional to replace the drainpipes as a professional can tell you about the exact issue with your pipe. Sewer replacement is not as simple as removing and installing a new pipe. You need to know what material pipes are best, and only a professional can guide you!

Many quacks in the field take advantage of people who do not have enough knowledge on drainage and charge more money than the actual cost of exchanging the pipes. By contacting a professional who understands his work in the field, you can do yourself a favor and benefit from the services.

Professionals At Your Doorstep

Other than sewer replacement and sewer cleaning, at Mesa Plumbing, we have a wide range of plumbing services at your doorstep! Our variety of services allows people from all domains of life to get a clear idea of what their problem may be so that it can be solved without any hassle.

A few of our sewer and drainage services include:

  • Electronic sewer location services
  • In-line video camera inspection
  • Sanitary sewer installations
  • Storm sewer installations

Our team comprises trained professionals who know what they are doing! No matter the job, you can contact us, and we will solve all your problems. A professional will help you to identify the problem and solve it accordingly.

You do not have to worry about not having enough plumbing knowledge, as we understand that plumbing is a technical and challenging task.


We hope that you found this article helpful! Mesa Plumbing is one call away for all its services. All you have to do is contact us, and we will be at your doorstep to make it easier for you. For us, your improved living matters a lot more than monetary benefit. Our trained professionals will do their best to provide you with solutions that other companies might not offer.

You can contact us on our website or contact us directly on the emergency number provided for an instant reply. Happy plumbing to all those who need consultation or help!

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