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Everyone knows that water is good for health; however, not everyone is aware of the type of water that is best for their health. While most people prefer to drink water from bottles available at every nook and corner, the truth is bottled water isn’t good for our body. A chemical known as ‘Bisphenol A (BPA) is present in bottled water. When this chemical gets exposed to heat, it can turn into bad oestrogen and could cause cancer.

Some people don’t use bottled water, but they drink directly from the tap. Tap water is even more dangerous than bottled water because it is usually contaminated with harmful chemicals like chlorine. Therefore, it is essential to filter the tap water before drinking it. Filtered water is really a much better choice than both bottled water and tap water. We have strong reasons to support this claim. Read on to find out what those are.

Filtered Water is Cheaper

If you regularly buy bottled water, you must know how expensive it can be. Just look at the prices of those bottles in a supermarket; should water be this expensive? Obviously not! Thankfully, filtered water is much cheaper than bottled water. Average cost of filtered water is close to two cents per gallon. Thus, filtered water is easier on your wallet.

Filtered Water Reduces Waste

Those who care about the environment should definitely shun bottled water. Disposable bottles create a lot of waste and many of them end up in gardens, road sides and beaches instead of recycling bins. Only 23 percent of bottles are recycled while the rest end up in landfills. If you want to reduce your environmental footprint, you should install a whole house water filtration system to avoid disposable plastic bottles.

Filtered Water is Good for Plumbing and Home Appliances

A water filtration system doesn’t just give you clean and cheap drinking water; it is also good for plumbing and your home appliances that use water. Normal water coming through your plumbing pipes contains sediments, mineral deposits and other things that can degrade the piping material and your home appliances. By filtering the water coming through the plumbing pipes, you can extend the life of your plumbing as well as your home appliances that use the water.

Filtered Water is More Transparent

Do you know what’s inside the bottled water? You have no idea what’s in it, right? Only the companies that are providing bottled water know what is being filtered out. There is no surety that those companies are even filtering out dangerous chemicals. Maybe they are just filling the bottles directly from the tap, putting labels on them and selling them with a claim of ‘purest drinking water’.

However, that is not the case when you use filtered water. When you install a water filtration system in your home, you know what the system is filtering out. The system is automatically removing all unhealthy things in the water to ensure that you get clean drinking water free from all impurities.

Filtered Water is Convenient

Buying and storing bottled for regular use isn’t easy. You have to go to a store to pick it up, carry huge bottles into your house and dedicate a place for their safe storage. When you install a water filtration system, you can get away with the hassle of going to a store and carrying heavy bottles into your home. Just fill up the filtered water and drink whenever you need to.

Filtered Water Comes with Fewer Manufacturing Problems

Water bottles are a manufactured product, which means that they can have manufacturing defects. People who buy bottled water regularly often complain about manufacturing problems. Sometimes there are problems in bottles themselves while on other occasions there is an issue in the water. These type of problems never trouble people who install a whole house water filtration system.

Filtered Water Uses an Existing Resource

Most of the houses in the United States are connected to the municipal water system. If you live in an area where water isn’t directly supplied to your home, you may consider using bottled water. But, if water is being supplied to your house and you are paying for it, the only rational thing to do is use that existing resource to your advantage. By filtering your water, you can make a better use of an existing resource and save your valuable dollars.

Filtered Water Gives You the Benefits of Bottled Water

Many people buy bottled water because they can carry it with them and drink on the go. What they don’t realize is that they can get the same benefit from a water filtration system. All they have to do is grab a reusable bottle and fill it with the filtered water. They can carry the bottle anywhere they go and drink pure water whenever they want. Thus, they get the benefits of bottled water without causing harm to their bodies and the environment.

Filtered Water Doesn’t Run Out

How many times have you found yourself short on bottled water because you forgot to get new ones from the store? It’s easy to run out of bottled water like this; however, this scenario never occurs when you use filtered water. With a whole house water filtration system, you’ll never run out of water. You get an unlimited supply of water and whenever you wish to enjoy a refreshing drink, you just have to walk up to the tap and fill up your glass.

Now that you know all these benefits of filtered water over bottled water, you must be thinking to shun bottled water in favor of filtered water. If you are serious about switching to filtered water, contact Mesa Plumbing Company to have a whole house water filtration system installed at your house. This system will clean and soften the water coming into your home to cut your costs down while increasing the quality of the water coming into your home.

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