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Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems. Every homeowner experiences it at some point. Some of them ignore the problem and wait for the drains to unclog on its own, while others try some DIY techniques. But it is important to remember that a clogged drain is a pluming emergency and ignoring it or dealing with it incorrectly can lead to other potentially serious plumbing issues.

Though they start with slow drainage of water, they can soon turn into much bigger problems.

So as soon as there is a clogged drain in your home, call in a professional plumber. This will help you save the hassle and inconvenience caused by clogged drains.  In this article, you will learn more about why  a clogged drain is a serious issue which needs immediate professional intervention.

Affects the Quality of Water

Bacteria and other microorganisms can grow anywhere in the house. But dirty areas provide ideal conditions for growth. Food particles and other decomposing matter also facilitate their growth. Now think of the same thing happening in the sewage lines of your house. When the drain is clogged, food particles or other decomposing matter is likely to be inside the pipes. This allows the bacteria to grow very rapidly and pollute the water lines. As a result, the quality of the water you use in the house is greatly affected.

Use of contaminated water is associated with various health conditions, including gastrointestinal and skin diseases. If bacterial contamination persists, you may need a water treatment plant permanently.

Foul Odor

Needless to say, a clogged drain is likely to give off a foul odor. The pipes are clogged with waste, which becomes the breeding ground for bacteria. The smell of rotting organic matter in the pipes along with the presence of bacteria can severely affect the air quality in your house. Unfortunately, the smell is so strong that it cannot go away by simply lighting a candle. Instead, you will need assistance by a professional plumber.

Can Create a Back up

When the water in your sink or toilet is not draining as fast as it should, chances are that the water may travel back up into your home. Severe clogs can result in a backup, and that can create an extremely unhygienic condition in your house. In case of a backup, you will need complete cleaning and restoration of the house to ensure it is free from bacteria and other contaminants in the sewage. This is an additional cost of not treating clogged drains well in time.

Leads to Health Problems

Drinking water contaminated as a result of clogged drains can pose serious risks to your health. It can lead to various infections of the stomach and intestines. The bacterial contamination in the pipes can also affect the air quality in the house. This can lead to various diseases of the respiratory tract. When you skin comes in contact with contaminated water, many people experience allergic reactions on the skin including eczema.

Damages Other Plumbing Fixtures

When the drain is clogged, it will either result in a back up or will continue to exert pressure on the pipe. The plumbing fixtures are designed to withstand a certain amount of pressure after which they leak. Thus a clogged drain can lead to leakages. In most of the cases, pipes hidden behind the wall or under the floor leak. In that case, you will need to spend more on the repair as the damage is more severe.

Getting rid of a clogged drain is not a DIY situation. It is better to call a professional, as attempting to solve the problem can cause more damage to your plumbing fixtures. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you resolve the issue of clogged drains before it aggravates and disrupts the entire plumbing system in your house.

Causes Structural Damage

When leakage in the pipes goes unnoticed, there is a possibility of water seeping into the corners of the roof. As the water pools, it provides ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria. As a result, you might notice mold growing the corners of the walls and roof.

If the leakage continues, it can cause damage to the structural integrity of the house and weaken its foundations. In that case, a major revamp is required. For this very reason, the problem of clogged drains should be addressed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it can cost huge sums of money along with causing great inconvenience.

Growth of Crawling Insects

As mentioned earlier, bacteria grow in the drains which are clogged areas. But foul odor and standing water also becomes a breeding ground for various crawling insects. These insects can also attract other critters in your home. These insects and critters are carriers of various types of diseases. Thus, it can pose a serious health concern to your family.

It is possible that you might need professional services to get rid of the insects and other critter which is another costly affair.

Your Solution

When dealing with plumbing fixtures, you can’t always take a proactive approach. But it is important to act immediately. So as soon as you notice, clogged drains, call professionals from Mesa Plumbing Company.  We offer solutions to all you plumbing problems including clogged drains and sewer line back up. With an experience of 40 years and a team of qualified and experienced plumbers, we can provide all sort exceptional residential and commercial plumbing support. From water heater and gas line repair and to repairing leaking pipes, our professional staff is available 24/7 to help identify and solve all your plumbing problems. To know more about our services, visit our website or call now at 480-832-1660.

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