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As a homeowner, do you know what an isolation valve is all about?

Basically, isolating valves help to control water flow from the main lines to any other service pipe. Usually, it is used for safety or maintenance purposes. These valves are classified as isolation valves mainly because of their function, and not because of their structures. This means that these valves are available in different shapes and sizes.

To get a better understanding of their concept, consider the valves you will find under a bathroom or kitchen sink in a home. The valves there are usually left open so that as a user, you can control the flow of water with the spigot right above the sink, without you having to access the controls under the sink to stop or start the water flow.

However, if a time comes that you have to replace the spigot (maintenance of the system), isolation valves can be shut to stop the water flow once the spigot is taken off. Any isolation valve must be installed within an accessible location. Here’s a look at some isolation valves that are ideal for use in commercial places.

Pump Suction Valves

Most times, pump problems are encountered generally because they have poor suction designs. A significant importance of designing pump suctions is to make sure that there’s a smooth inflow of water to the pump impeller. This means that a straight pipe has to be used with an appropriate diameter which will help to minimize any vortex action the valves may cause.

Usually, at such times, the use of butterfly valves is more common, as well as a cost effective pump isolator. However, the presence of a disc in the stream flow ends up creating a vortex, which has an impact on the behavior of the pump and its general performance. Moreover, butterfly valves have no indication of them being closed or open ones.

Gate Isolator Valves

Normally, pumps are fixed against closed isolation valves. They are found subsequent to a pump check valve, which allows easy pump maintenance. For this application, Gate Valves are typically used. Gate Valves are used specifically in isolation applications in different piping systems, and they also operate fully when they are in opened or closed positions.

Just like other valves, like piston valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, pinch valves, and diaphragm valves, gate valves are also considered to be isolation valves. They have multiple purposes and are two directional shut off valves, which make them ideal for industrial and commercial applications. The shut off action occurs when the wedges move vertically in an up and down direction in the body of the valve, because of their ability of cutting through water or any liquid.

These valves are not recommended for use by law and regulations in homes mainly because at any time a change in flow can occur near the shutoff point with a relatively high viscosity; this eventually can cause the seat and disk wear, leading to leakages.

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