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When to Call a Plumbing Professional

The plumbing system of your house is best kept well-maintained and working in top condition. Usually, most house owners only turn to plumbing professionals when the situation has gone out of hand and they have sustained substantial damage already. If you do not give your plumbing issues the due importance they deserve, you run the risk of inviting expensive plumbing problems to your property—not to mention the ugly mess and the inconvenience that come as part of the package. Furthermore, things such as water leakages continue to financially cost you in the form of overcharged water bills while damaging your property all along. Therefore, the plumbing system of the house isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Plumbing maintenance should be a regular affair so that any potential plumbing problems are detected in a timely manner and taken care of. This will spare you the large bills and the potentially ugly mess later. It is important for you to know when it is the time to call a plumber so you don’t ignore those obvious signs and acquire professional help right away. Below are some of the signs that indicate that you need professional help.

Low Water Pressure

It is not easy to locate the underlying cause behind the low water pressure in your showers and sinks. There could be a number of causes of the issue from pipe obstructions caused by rust or debris in the water lines or a poorly designed supply line, to water pressure issues emanating from the city supply line itself. Therefore, a low pressure situation should be a sign for you to seek professional plumbing assistance. Professional plumbers will be able to examine and pinpoint the source of the problem accurately and take appropriate measures to fix it. A DIY approach is discouraged in such a scenario as you could actually end up damaging the sewer lines or cause the problem to persist.

Pipe Blockage

Severe and frequent backups generally indicate that there is some blockage in the sewer lines. A general sign of blockage is often a common sign of a blocked sewer line. Sewer lines can be choked due to a number of reasons. At times, tree roots may be extending to your underground sewer pipes to derive essential nutrients, whereas at other times the problem could be caused by difficult-to-flush items and sediment build-up choking the pipeline. Going the DIY route using harsh chemicals or sharp equipment to unclog the lines can actually lead to damage costing you thousands of dollars in repairs subsequently. Furthermore, you may end up inviting raw sewage into your property if you do it wrong. Therefore, unclogging blocked pipes is best left to the professionals who have the necessary skills as well as the appropriate equipment to accurately get to the bottom of the issue and provide a secure solution.

Heater Issues

When your shower and sinks are not gushing out hot water, a faulty or broken down water heater is generally the culprit. There could be a variety of reasons why your water heater is not working from complete breakdowns to a component wearing out. Whatever the reason behind the heater’s failure may be, it is wise to acquire professional plumbing assistance to fix the issue. Since water heaters run on gas or electricity, you don’t want to expose yourself and your property to potential injuries working with such devices.

Burst Pipes

This one screams for professional plumbing help. Burst pipes are most usually a result of pipes freezing in the winter season. The frozen water in the pipe expands and causes the pipe to burst. This can expose your property to a flooding situation which brings severe damage to your property and appliances, and can even expose your household to health hazards and risk of electrocution—not to mention the hefty bills to deal with all that damage. 

You may be tempted to take matters into your own hands when faced with a frozen pipe situation. Shutting off the main water valve is always the first thing to do when checking to find out if the pipe has cracked or if it is only frozen. If the pipe has not cracked yet, it is wise to acquire plumbing assistance as professionals will often simply replace a section of the frozen pipeline rather than heating and thawing it. 

Furthermore, it is difficult to locate damaged pipes. They may be anywhere; out in the yard, behind the walls, or under the foundation of the property. A professional plumber will be able to swiftly locate where the fault lies and can immediately get on with the treatment process. On the other hand, searching for the source of the damage yourself will still allow the water to seep into vulnerable areas and cause water damage, even after you have shut off the main valve. Professional plumbers will also guide you with the repairs that need to be undertaken in case of floor or dry wall damages.

Major Installations

Acquiring plumbing expertise makes a lot of sense when you’re doing a remodeling and renovation of your bathrooms or kitchens. Moving around fixtures and appliances or installing new ones may not seem like a project that requires a plumber’s input; however, if you do any of these overhauls wrong, it might lead to costly repairs later or even require entire re-installations altogether.

All in all, calling a plumber is essential for more reasons than you would like to think. Besides the regular maintenance visits, a plumber’s expertise can come in handy in a number of situations such as when you have low water pressure, heater issues, or even have major installation or remodeling project going on. If you’re ever met with any of the aforementioned situations or require any other plumbing assistance, try our impeccable plumbing services.

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