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Residential sewage lines of houses are often disrupted due to tree roots. This is because tree roots hardly have any difficulty continuing their growth through pipes. This nuisance takes its toll, particularly during periods of droughts during which trees search extensively for water and they extract it from wherever they could find it. This is why their roots often seek to derive water from sewage lines. Now, one way that you can overcome this problem is by resorting to root killing methods which will require you to use a root killing chemical in your toilet so that the problem can be controlled. However, before doing this, one must ensure that the diagnosed problem exists.

When to use?

The important thing is to first ensure that the problem that you intend to treat is actually caused by tree roots. The first thing you can do to confirm this is by going through the site plans of your house to locate the area from where the main sewer line moves towards your street. Next, look closely and determine if there any tree may be crossing the path of the main sewage line. While undertaking this survey, remember that larger tress have a system of roots which flows several feet under the ground.

The next consideration in this regard involves you to find out the kind of pipes that you have in place. One way is to determine is by when your house was built. If it is an old house which was built before 1970, then it probably has clay sewage pipes which means that you might have to use root killing method. On the other hand, if they were built after that then you may have PVC pipes which means that tree roots are not a problem for you. However, there are instances where new houses are fitted with clay pipes even though PVC pipes are the standard in which case you will be faced with the option of digging out the pipe.

If you discover that you do have clay pipes and you spot some trees within 30 feet of the sewage line then you have to resort to root killing chemicals.

Using Root Killing Chemicals

There are a number of chemicals available in the market for the purpose of root killing. You can get them from your plumbing supply store or hardware store. You are required to pour these chemicals down a drain which is most likely to be your toilet. Once the chemical has poured, its corrosive nature will perform its root killing magic and your drainage system will be restored.

You need to exercise caution when handling these chemicals as they are extremely dangerous. Be sure to read the instructions and follow them thoroughly. All stated safety precautions should be taken into account when handling such material because they might prove to be very harmful if they come into contact with your skin or eyes. Furthermore, it may also have harmful effects on the environment.

If there are any doubts in your mind as to the cause of the clog, then it is always wise to call professionals like Mesa Plumbing Company.

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