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One of the biggest headaches for homeowners is water leakage. This is because water damage due to leakage can result in the value of your home becoming severely affected. This is a fact that everybody is very well aware of. Whenever there is a huge problem causing your home to become flooded, water damage can get so bad that you might have to incur tens of thousands of dollars repairing it. People think that if the issue is simple, they are pretty much in the clear. After all, what damage can a leak do?

Unfortunately, even a simple residential water leak in Tempe can cause substantial damages. It can wreak havoc on your health as well as your home just as much as a serious flooding issue can. The only difference is that it takes a longer time. In order to help you understand the dangers posed by even small water leaks, here is a look at some of the things that can happen if you leave residential water leaks in Tempe unchecked.

Property Value Goes Down The Drain

The first and most obvious thing to note is the effect it has on your property’s value. If there is a history of residential water leaks in a house in Tempe, you can expect the value of that house to go down. Nobody wants to purchase a home that has water leakage problems and it can severely compromise your bargaining problems. If you are planning to get the water leak fixed around the time you decide to sell the house, it will not work. Even if you have fixed the source of the water leakage, the unchecked residential water leaks would have caused a significant amount of damage to your property.

It is very important to take care of any residential water leaks in Tempe as soon as you detect them. Otherwise, you risk bringing down the value of your home if you ever need to sell it in the future.

Structural Damages Can Occur

You see, it is not just the value of your property going down. If you leave residential water damage unchecked for too long, you are also risking structural damages to your home.

You might not realize it but structural damages can become quite expensive for you in the long run. The most obvious and immediate effects of leaving residential water leaks in Tempe unchecked is on how your home looks. From the discolored walls to the stains and streaks, these are some of the things you’ll notice immediately. As a matter of fact, these are the signs which will tell you that you have a hidden water leakage problem in your home.

Fixing Water Leaks

While the aesthetics becoming damaged is an ordeal on its own, there is also the matter of the safety and security of your family and yourself. You might not imagine it but if you leave residential water leaks in Tempe unchecked for too long, they can result in structural damages to your home.

When the dry wall starts to absorb water from a leaking pipe or any other source of leaking water, it will eventually start to become warped and it will swell. This can happen to other materials in your home too and if it is not dealt with in time, it can cause some serious damage to the structural integrity of your house. This is the most dangerous if the support beams and other important elements that maintain the structure of your home become damaged.

Even the simplest of warping can also leave a hole inside walls. Combined with this problem, the next problem we will discuss will not only make your house bad to look at, but also lead to unlivable conditions.

The Growth Of Mold And Fungi

One of the worst things about spores is that if they are left dry in your homes, they will not die off. They are just waiting to come into contact with some water so that they can start proliferating again. You cannot avoid having spores in your home. Most homes have mold spores of one kind or another within tiny spaces where you cannot reach out and clean them. When they come into contact with water, they start to grow into molds and produce more spores that start to pollute the air inside your home.

For an average person without any breathing problems or lung-related medical conditions, spores can be quite irritating. The most common symptoms of exposure to molds include problems with breathing, coughing, sneezing fits and nasal congestion. While the effects of mold spores on an average person are bad enough, it gets worse if you already suffer from a medical condition.

If you have a weak immune system or you have breathing problems, mold spores can become a serious health problem. Just as well, it is important to know that children who grow up in a household infested with spores have a high chance of developing asthmatic issues when they grow up.

Here Is What You Should Do

Instead of waiting around and letting simple residential water leaks in Tempe aggravate further, you should take action and call in the experts. They will identify the source of the problem and repair the issue so that your home and your family is safe from all the damage that it can do. Who should you call? Call the Mesa Plumbing Company at (480) 832-1660. They are one of the very best licensed and insured plumbing companies in the State of Arizona and they will help you make your home free of any leaks.

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