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Blocked drains are annoying and are among the common problems that most businesses and homes experience at some point in time. There are numerous reasons why drains block and often the immediate symptoms of blocks are treated, but the underlying causes are not addressed. That’s when our highly professional and skilled team at Mesa Plumbing comes in to investigate and fix the root of the blockages.

In old times, it used to be difficult to find blockages and the use of large trenches was needed to dig up the entire area and detect the problems. Today, at Mesa Plumbing, we make use of highly sophisticated and modern technological tools. We have experience of over 64 years in the plumbing industry and we know exactly how to handle even the most challenging problems. So what are the main reasons for blockages? Read on below to learn more.

Types of Blockages

There are two main types of sewer blockages that take place in most homes and commercial places:

  • Main line sewer blockages
  • Private line blockages, which go from homes to the main line.

If other homes in the area also experience blockages, the cause is said to be a public one and the local council of that area has to take care of the problem. However, if the blockage goes through a toilet, sink, or a drain, then the cause could be somewhere in your home lines and that’s when you will need our team from Mesa Plumbing to help fix the problem.

Tree Roots

If the tree roots in your garden or backyard are large enough that they could reach the underground pipes by breaking the pipes or the joints, the pipelines will eventually block. There are many chemicals that you can use to remove roots from lines. You can also prevent this problem by ensuring the trees are planted at a good distance away from the pipelines.

Deteriorated Pipelines

Main lines eventually deteriorate and pipes eventually corrode. Repairing underground pipes can be both costly and disruptive, depending on how difficult it is to access the damaged area. These lines eventually break away and soon result in blockages or leaks.

Oil and Grease

In kitchens, when you wash off grease from cooking utensils, it goes down the sink. At this point, if you pour some hot water through the drain, it helps in washing it down, but when the water cools, about 25 feet deep into the lines, the oil and grease harden. Once this happens, the drain will gradually start to clog and you won’t have any way around this.

The best solution for you is to contact our team at Mesa Plumbing to clear the lines. We offer different maintenance methods and solutions that will suit all your needs. We also make use of bio chemicals, and other highly advanced equipments to ensure bad odor leaves drainage system for good. To avail our services, you can visit us at anytime convenient for you at our offices in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek, Apache junction, and San Tan.

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