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A well-functioning plumbing system is often taken for granted. Sometimes, a plumbing problem may arise, leaving you confused on how to tackle it. If an air lock occurs within the plumbing system, it can create a lot of problems in your plumbing system. The occurrence of air bubbles can hinder smooth airflow within the system. It may also further lead to clogs and jams that can cause overflow and other problems. However, here, you can learn various ways to fix an air lock in pipes.

Ways to Fix an Air Lock in Pipes

We have compiled a list of ways to treat an air lock within your pipes without any external help. You can quickly fix the issues at home by understanding the steps to follow. Here is a list of easy ways to fix an air lock in pipes.

Turn On the Faucets

The easiest way to determine the issue is to turn on all the faucets at home at the same time. By doing so, the pressure in the pipes of your plumbing system will increase, and eventually, the air lock will loosen up. Be sure to use every faucet of the house for this method to work. It may require water flow for a few minutes until the air lock goes away. It helps fix the air lock within all the pipes of the house at once.

Using Your Washing Machine

Using the power of your fully automatic washing machine, you can fix the air lock in pipes. It works wonders if your washing machine is capable of taking hot and cold water to function. The first step is to switch off the connections of both valves in the washing machine. Next, disconnect their respective hoses. Connect the valves with a hosepipe and let hot water flow through the valve. After a few minutes, switch on the cold water valve. Let the water flow for at least 30 seconds from both valves. This step will generate pressure within the pipes, losing the air lock in the system. Once the air lock is gone, you can switch off the cold water valve first, followed by the hot water valve. Finally, reconnect the pipes to their original place.

Use a Hosepipe

If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to fix the issue, this trick is perfect for you. Start by connecting the hosepipe to the malfunctioning valve. Next, use the other end of the hosepipe to connect to a tap that works well. Be sure to check the condition of the seal around these pipes. Else, the potential air or water pressure may escape during the process. Next, gently pull the ends of the pipes up while holding them tightly and switch on the malfunctioning faucet, followed by opening the working tap. The pressure within the pipe will break the air lock in the system. It may require 5 to 10 minutes at maximum to create an adequate amount of pressure to work. After waiting for some time, you can remove the hosepipe to check the faucet. If it does not work, you can try the same steps again. However, if this method still does not fix the air lock, you can try another method to resolve the issue.

Bleeding the Radiator System

If you notice an air lock within your boiler, you can resolve the issue by bleeding all the radiators at home. The first step is to switch off the boiler situated in the basement of your home. Next, go back to your living space and switch on all the radiators of your home. Be sure to open them one at a time. Start with the first radiator and work your way up to the next one. Once the bleeding of radiators has been completed, turn off the return valve. Keep in mind the number of turns it requires to open your radiator valves, as you will twist them back the same number of times to switch them off once completed. After completion of this method, head towards the first radiator to turn on the valves again. You will observe that the air lock has gone out of the pipes.

Using Your Shower Head

Another way to fix the air lock makes use of the shower head in your bathroom. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Disconnect the shower head from the connecting pipe by unscrewing it.
  2. Wrap the pipe using plastic bags. It will help increase pressure within the pipe.
  3. Connect the shower head back to its position and have a look at the header tank. Switch off the hot water outlet and switch on the cold water outlet.
  4. Turn on the hot and cold water taps on your shower.

The extra pressure within the pipes will remove the air lock in the system. Once the air lock is gone, turn off the water in the shower and disconnect the shower head to remove the plastic bags inside. Reconnect the shower head to its original form.

Using these efficient methods at home, you can fix the air lock in pipes very conveniently. They don't require any complicated steps or tools to work. Also, you will save lots of dollars by resolving the plumbing issues on your own. So, don't worry about your malfunctioning plumbing system, as you can fix the air lock in the pipes within a few minutes.

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