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Streets and pavements are the hardest to maintain in terms of plumbing and problems like leaks, cracks, corrosions, and overflows are intolerable in these crowded locations. To ensure that the water system functions perfectly for longer, water main installations are carefully laid out and maintained over time by professional plumbers.

Mesa Plumbing Company is one such firm that caters to installations of water mains in Gilbert, Mesa, Fountain Hills, San Tan and other surrounding areas. We not only install new systems but also conduct general repairs as needed.

System Design and Project Management

Where water main installations are concerned, various technical considerations are kept in mind with regard to system design and project management. Only the best quality products and heavy technological equipment is used with cost management being controlled by skilled experts in the field.

Some of the basic installment procedures and services to consider for water mains are:


When a water main is being installed, trenching is the next essential step after modeling a design. Trenching is done after careful examination of the area as the engineers are held responsible for any unexpected damage that occurs during the trenching process. Before excavating the land for piping, the soil type is determined and all necessary safety precautions are taken once the process begins. Special care is taken to keep the bottom of the trench dry and to secure any existing underground utilities from damage. The foundation of the trench is laid down using gravel and other strong materials. Further small excavations may also take place to install several pavement fittings.

Fittings and Appurtenances

Fire hydrants, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers, etc are fitted inside or on the paved streets where a water main installation is carried out. After the bedding and foundation has been laid down, pipes are placed and proper fitting is ensured. After the fitting process, pipes are inspected to determine if they are in perfect condition. If damages are found, the said pipes are replaced immediately.

Tapping Valves

Proper insulation and a closed cell piping system is maintained while tapping sleeves and valves. This is done to ensure that all the pipes are properly sealed and are ready to bear the pressure of the water flow. The pipes are examined closely, especially at the junctions. Tapping materials differ with the environmental conditions of the local area. Cast iron, ductile iron, and PVC are commonly used for different purposes in tapping.

Water main installations can be problematic if the process is not carried out properly. For reliable services for water main installations, contact Mesa Plumbing Company.

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