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It’s not uncommon to have a water leak and not notice it. Since the plumbing works at home and office are hidden, water leaks from broken or damaged pipes are hidden from sight and require special attention to the minutest details in order to be detected. To prevent any major expenditures on more costly repairs, that may also waste a lot of your precious time, look for the following signs around your home or office that could indicate leakage.

Soggy Ground

Your yard should generally stay dry, if you live in a region that doesn’t experience much rainfall. However, if you notice any areas of moist or mushy ground around your home you should probably consider professional help. Unusually soggy ground could be an indication of a broken or damaged water line that’s leaking directly under the earth around your house. If you do not take proper care in ensuring that the leak is fixed in time, it will not only keep your yard mushy but could also cause damage to the foundation of your house.

Unusual Increase in Water Bill

The simplest indication of a water leakage could be an unusually high water bill. Keep an eye on the amount of money you pay towards monthly water bills. For example if you go from $70 a month to $200 the next month, you probably have a major leak or perhaps a broken line. Compare the water bills over a longer period of time too.

Continuous Sound of Running Water

Everybody is familiar with the sound of running water, especially in dishwashers and toilets. You may fail to notice the sound when the appliances aren’t running though, since it’s a normal sound in homes especially during the day. Keep a check on your toilets and appliances that use water when you hear the sound of water and suspect that you haven’t left anything turned on. If everything is turned off and you still hear the sound, you most likely have a leak under the walls or under your home in the main lines.

Continuously Running Meter

At the first suspicion of a water leak, turn off all appliances in your home that use water for a couple of hours. Check your meter after a while and if it still seems to be running, you should have a professional take a closer look at your plumbing works.

Wet Spots in Walls, Roofs and Floors

If you notice any wet spots on floors, walls and roofs you could probably have a water leakage from one of the pipes that lead to one of the appliances. These hidden water leaks are best taken care of at the initial stages. If you ignore the smallest of wet spots, they could cause your walls and floor to rot and also make room for pests.

Leaving a leak un-repaired could cost you several thousands of dollars depending on the scale of damage to your property. This could also reduce the value of your home. Call a professional plumber at the first indication of water leakage to prevent any major damage.

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