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Water leaks and slab leaks are important plumbing emergencies that need immediate attention. These occur under the foundation of your home or the concrete slab. Beneath your house runs a huge network of water lines that supply water to your house, if the pressure increases in these lines or they become old, a water leak will occur. Now if one of the pipes suddenly rupture, it will cause a slab leak.

How do you detect a slab leak?

Puddles of water

A slab leak can be detected by puddles, which will form in your basement or somewhere close to your house. Inspect your garage and the exterior of your house, and if there is any pool of water near the foundation, you should examine the source.

Hot spots

A slab leak can also be indicated by a hot spot on the floor of your house. There are hot water pipes beneath your home, but these are insulated and their warmth should not reach the floor. But if your pet likes only one spot, then you may have a hot spot and a slab leak. The spot will be warmer than the surrounding surface when you touch it.

Sound of running water

If you hear water running, you might have a slab leak, but you cannot be certain about it until you conduct a thorough examination. Look in your toilets, examine all you water connected applications, and make sure your faucets are turned off. If nothing is leaking, and you still hear water running, then it is because of a slab leak.

Mold and mildew

If an area is too damp, mold and mildew start to appear. Should you notice these on your floor or under your carpet, you may have a slab leak issue to deal with. Mold is dangerous for your health, and when the leak is treated, you will have to seek professional services to get rid of it.

Time to call a professional plumbing company

So you have observed some of the above signs, and you think you have a slab leak. You will have to immediately deal with the situation. If you try putting it off, the leaking water will cause even more damage and huge repair costs can arise. A slab leak cannot be treated with any DIY technique, and you will have to call a professional plumbing company in Mesa, AZ.

What will the pros do about it?

Before doing anything, the location and the cause of the slab leak has to be determined. In most instances, the pipe has undergone wear and tear and needs to be replaced. In other cases, a leak occurs if your house foundation shifts. A plumber will figure out the main cause and then fix it.

and then fix it. In the process, your floors and walls may have to be dug so that the pipe can be repaired. As long as you call a reputed plumbing company in Mesa, AZ, they will ascertain that only minimum damage is caused.

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