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Commercial establishments like restaurants use tons of water for their services and sanitation purposes. Did you know that there are several strategies that focus on your water heater that will have your unit running efficiently and will help you save tons of cash in the process too?

Invest In Insulating Hot Water Pipes

Pipe insulation is not that expensive, plus it requires very low effort or hassle. Moreover think about the energy you will save and the resources that can then be put to some other use. You are practically doing your part in making the world more eco friendly.

Fix Leaks on the Spot

In restaurants and other commercial establishments there is always a problem or an issue with faucet aerators and low flow pre rinses. If these break down it could be costly for the management as it is a link that ensures that operations run smooth. A minor leak that you may not think is that much of a problem if left untreated can build up to be a huge problem. So fix these smaller problems as soon as you detect them to save yourself from dealing with bigger problems. Plus if you think about it then water leaking away is just money being wasted.

Opt For a Flue Damper in Your Water Heater

A flue damper shuts in heat when the water heater is not being used. You can get this feature for your water heater too. This way you will not necessarily have to turn the heater on to avail hot water. You can even call up a reliable plumbing service that covers various services to install this or fix your water heater like Mesa Plumbing Company.

Try Using Aerators and Low Flow Pre Rinses

This way the faucet aerator cut down on the excess amount of water that you use. This action ensures that less water is wasted when using them in restaurants and other commercial areas. Ultimately introducing the use of low flow pre rinses and faucet aerators saves you money.

Install a Recirculation Pump

Most commercial water heaters have a recirculation pump. If you insert a timer on this, you can automatically have it turn off once business hours are over. What happens is that when the water heater keeps on running without use, a lot of heat is lost through the pipes and wasting your cash as well as resources.

Work With a Booster Unit

Commercial grade dishwashing units come with a built in booster heater. This is what keeps a check on the required degrees for the dishes to be cleaned in order to keep up with sanitation requirements. A booster heater heats water to at least 180 degrees. This way you will be ensured on how much heat to turn up instead of using more than 180 degrees and wasting energy and water.

So do the smart thing and save big bucks in your restaurant business by keeping the above mentioned things in mind.

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