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We all know that water heaters play an important role, especially in frosty winters. Winter is almost here, and this means you will have to use them quite often, and you have to ensure that they work efficiently. If your water heaters are not heating properly again, it’s probably time that you change them or repair them soon before the extreme weather hits the city. When you go on a search spree for new water heaters, you will come across many companies; however, if you want a genuine and trustworthy water heater service in Gilbert AZ, Mesa Plumbing is a company you can rely on for excellent services.

Water Heater Maintenance Tips from Experts at Mesa Plumbing

In order to make sure that your water heaters at home function properly, it is necessary that you pay attention to many details and care for them. If you want to make your water heaters more efficient, here are some tips we have for you:

  • Keep the pipes of your water heater insulated at all times. This ensures that the loss of heat will reduce and thus more heat will be produced.
  • Reduce the temperature settings of the water heater. This helps to conserve energy and also keeps the water hotter for a longer time.
  • Set a fixed time and drain or flush the water heater. This will help to remove all sorts of dirt and other particles from the water heater.
  • Keep the surrounding area of your water heater clean at all times. A cluttered space will only create more problems and consequently hinder the performance of the water heater.
  • Use an anode rod, this helps to protect the water heater from rust.
  • Keep the water heater on a stable level; this means you shouldn’t keep them in a tilted position or else it will fall down. If you ignore this point, ultimately you will have to spend more money on the repair or replacement.
  • Keep the valves on your water heater rust free. If you do not take care of these valves, the risks of your water heater exploding will increase.

The Types of Water Heaters

There are two types of water heaters available, one is the electric water heater, and the other is a gas water heater. A major problem most people face is what to choose between the two options, should you opt for the gas or electric water heater? We all know that electricity is not so cheap, and using electric heaters in the long-run will only increase your monthly energy bills. However, gas heaters are much cheaper, and they are also not as expensive to install as the electric ones. Gas heaters also heat up water faster than the electric options.

If you see any leaks in your water heater, or see any anomaly in their efficiency, you can always rely on water heater service in Gilbert AZ such as Mesa Plumbing Company. We have experts who will ensure they repair the heaters or replace them with new ones. We also offer services on isolation valves, fire hydrants, sewer lines, garbage disposal, and slab leak.

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