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It is important to ensure that you use clean water, which does not contain harmful chemicals that can affect health. These chemicals can also affect your equipment and appliances and increase the maintenance costs of your property. A key concept in this regard is that of water TDS and how you can use whole house water filtration for improving water quality.

Here are the details of key concepts:

Water TDS

Water TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is a measurement, which provides the value of the total dissolved substances in water. It is often measured in parts per million (ppm) parts of water. Remember, this measure is useful for freshwater bodies, as they usually contain various types of solids that are present in the water as a solution.

Another operational definition for these solids is that they must be small enough to pass a filter that contains 2-micrometer sized pores. These particles include cations, anions, and minute quantities of noble elements in some cases. Some common chemicals that are included in the TDS are calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, nitrate, and other chemical groups. The TDS values can build up to a large number if the water goes through agricultural use, runs off from mountains, or services a residential area.

Measuring the TDS is important, because it is often used to describe the quality of water which may be suitable in specific conditions. In the United States, it is permissible to only have a maximum value of 500 mg/l of dissolved substances. However, TDS is a measure that does not describe the composition of the solid constituents. This is important for determining quality, as there are some chemicals that can be dangerous for human consumption even when present in minute quantities.

The Measurement

The TDS is measured using two primary methods. The first method is the gravimetric analysis. It is an accurate method, which uses a specific quantity of water, and then evaporates the liquid to accurately measure the mass of the remaining residue. It is a slow method, and perform for measuring TDS, which contains a large section of inorganic salts.

The second method is to measure the electrical conductivity of water, as it is related to the dissolved ions present in a solution. This provides an excellent result by comparing the measured electrical conductivity to the controlled lab measurement values of similar water samples. However, we find that this method is prone to a ten-percent error.

Water Assessment

Performing the assessment of the water supply is important before you buy a whole house water filtration system for your cleaning needs. This assessment aims to find the chemical makeup of the available allowing a system provider to then offer you the best water filtration solution. This assessment reveals the presence of ions that produce hard water, as well as identify if dangerous pollutants such as mercury or lead are present in the supply, since they require special attention for removal.

Whole House Water Filtration

Whole house water filtration is carried out by installing a large water treatment system directly to the incoming water supply at your property. This system may often have multiple cylinders and filtering layers according to the quality of the water present. The installation at the source level ensures that clean water is available throughout the property, and you are not limited to only using a single water fixture for your clean water needs.

There are several benefits of installing whole house water filtration. Here are some important advantages that you can get:

1) - Low Installation Cost

You only need to install the system at a single place, while not requiring the installation of new plumbing. The system simply connects between the incoming water supply and the house plumbing. If you have enough room in the basement of your house, then it perfectly sits there, where it is out of sight, easy to install and does not cost you a large sum of money during installation.

Installation is one of the most difficult elements of any water filtration system. By ensuring that this problem can be reduced and only has a limited cost, it is possible for consumers in Arizona to go for a whole house water filtration system that can provide them with clean water for use in a larger quantity.

2) - Captured Contaminants

Contaminants such as excess chlorine and calcium are captured before they reach the house plumbing system. This is a key benefit as it ensures that dangerous chemical vapors do not get released within your home, when you use water fixtures and faucets that do not have access to clean water. Such a system offers a holistic solution, where the problem chemicals are stopped by a membrane. You can check the status of your water filters and then replace them to ensure that the whole house water filtration system operates at an optimal efficiency.

3) - Universal Availability

The use of a whole house water filtration system means that clean water is available wherever your plumbing is present. This ensures that it is possible drink water from anywhere in the house. You do not have to bother only installing appliances areas, that could house a smaller filtering unit. With a holistic solution in use, your tasks are simplified and you do not face the problems that happen with limited fixtures that offer filtered water in a house.

4) - Improved Health

Since the water that you use for drinking, washing, and bathing is all clean, you end up facing better conditions in your house. This results in significantly improved health and you tend to stay away from major health problems. This is a key benefit because your health should always remain a top priority.

5) - Enhanced Dishwasher Performance

Using clean water enhances the performance of all your appliances. If we take the example of your dishwasher, it does not produce any scum during washing because of using soft water produced by the whole house water filtration plant. With water without chemicals, your dishwasher performs perfectly and saves energy, money and time.

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