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You might not eat very frequently at home, but when you do, do you add the food scraps to the compost pile of your DIY veggie garden or do you find yourself asking what could be a better option to deal with these waste products? Would you want your house smelling like the lunch you had hours ago?

The First Basic Type

The two primary garbage disposal types are the continuous feed and the batch feed type. Using the continuous feed type is very easy, you only need to flip the switch once and then begin cleaning the dishes. This way is more efficient, intuitive and quick. The best part is that you will not feel frustrated.

The only drawback with this type of system is that it is not necessarily safe and you have to be alert working with the garbage disposal system turned on. Additionally, you can injure yourself if you reach inside to retrieve something that fell in accidentally.

The Modern Batch Feed Disposable System

This disposable system came after the Batch feed disposal was designed to eliminate this very thing. It was designed to counter the limitations of the Continuous feed. You can work it by first disposing of all the waste items from the dishes and then you can do the dishes. The best part about this garbage disposal system is that it eliminates chances of injuries and makes the work process more organized. The disposal only activates once the magnetic lid cover is put on. The batch feed is so safe that once you lift the lid midway to add more scraps the whole mechanism will shut off.

But like every product, this has some limitations to it too like the fact that it is slower than the continuous garbage disposal system.

The Common Myth

Moreover if your house has a septic tank system then it is usually recommended that you do not get a garbage disposal at all. The large volume of waste may overflow and you will have to pump the system more often. That is not true for every house; some of the newer models have been designed specifically for countering the drawbacks of a septic tank as well as a garbage disposal system.

There are tons of advanced and customizable models of garbage disposal systems available. Once you settle on the disposal system that matches your needs perfectly you can contact Mesa Plumbing Company to handle the installation and repairs if needed.

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