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Fire hydrants seem to innocuously sit on the side of the street in commercial areas waiting until they’re needed. While to the layman in Chandler all hydrants may look the same, they are much more complicated than that. Not only are there different hydrants by type but also by color.

What is a Hydrant?

A fire hydrant is typically a pipe which is connected to the water main. These are used in order to tap into a high pressure supply of water in case of a fire. Hydrants that were installed above ground in commercial areas were first introduced in the 1800s. Before the hydrant was invented, water was sourced in Chandler through buckets or hand pumps which were ineffective.

How They Work

A fire hose is connected to the hydrant and the valve is released in order to get the water from the mains. Different valves which are located on the fire hydrant allow them to be attached to different sources of water whether they are pressurized or not pressurized. Most fire hydrants have a limit of 250 gallons of water per minute.

The AWWA (American Water Works Association) regulates the construction and design of fire hydrants in Chandler. These designs are created in order to meet fire district standards. Professionals such as the Mesa Plumbing Company can provide up to date information on the kinds of fire hydrants located in your vicinity.

Compression Type

The compression type hydrant is one in which the main valve moves along the vertical axis of the seat that is located at the base of the hydrant. It moves against the seat in order to close and away in order to open. When the operated nut is rotated, the stem of the hydrant moves up or down. The valve may either open against or with the pressure based on the location of the seat. This is one of the more common types of fire hydrants in Chandler.

Toggle Type

In this case, the main valve moves along a horizontal axis against a seat which is located at the hydrant base. The vertical stem contains right and left hand threads which allow the main valve to move. The stem rotation is what causes the toggle arms to move the main valve.

Slide Gate Type

The main valve usually has a gate which moves in a vertical manner via a threaded system. The internally threaded gate is forced into motion when the stem is rotated. A wedging mechanism then forces the gate to move against the seat of the valve which is located in the base of the hydrant.

High Pressure Hydrants

These are designed in order to provide pressures that go above 150 psig. These are out of commission in Chandler but older models may still be encountered. Use of such fire hydrants however should be avoided.

It is important to know what types of fire hydrants are usually located in commercial areas, especially if you are constructing a small business such as a retail outlet or a restaurant in the vicinity. This allows you to factor in a fire system and escape plan in case of a fire or a similar hazardous situation.

If you have noted a defunct fire hydrant in your location in Chandler make sure to notify the relevant authorities immediately. The Mesa Plumbing Company can also provide a consultation on whether or not a hydrant is defunct and help you tackle the situation. You can contact them by visiting their website .

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