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When it comes to kitchen faucets, there are many types to choose from. They come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes for all your kitchen needs.

Just like other kitchen accessories, such as lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, flooring, and many more, a good faucet can really boost the décor of your kitchen and make it a lot more functional.

So, if you’re planning to change your kitchen faucet, or want to buy a new smooth-tapped modern faucet to match with your sink, here is your ultimate guide to select from the top 7 types of kitchen faucets.

Top 7 Types of Kitchen Faucets

#1) Touchless Kitchen Faucet

The world is moving quickly and swiftly towards automation, and so are kitchen faucets. Touchless kitchen faucets are among the latest advancements in faucet technology. They offer fast and effortless operation by saving time with their sensor-based functioning.

Touchless kitchen faucets operate in three ways. The first way is via ready sensor that senses the object within its range and automatically supplies water. The other way is motion sensing when its motion sensor senses your hand and then tells the faucet to start supplying water. The last one is the worry-free option: in case your sensor malfunctions, it also comes with a handle that you can use to start and stop the flow of water.

#2) Pot-Filler Kitchen Faucet

The pot-filler ensures that filling water is incredibly convenient. Not only that, its dual joints allow you to reach far-off cooktops and vessels, and is flexible enough to rotate wherever you want it to.

It can swivel outwards and can be used to fill both large and small utensils. Unlike other sink-mounted faucets, pot-filler kitchen faucets are made to fit on your walls and are linked to the plumbing system directly from inside the walls. Furthermore, they can also be installed onto the wall atop the stove to fill water directly into the pots and pans.

#3) Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

A commercial style kitchen faucet is great way to add that commercial feel to your home. They come with a long and very flexible neck design to ensure that you don’t have to strain to wash dishes or fill pots and pans. Depending upon the type you choose, they might have multiple taps for different needs.

Commercial style kitchen faucets have a pull-down handle. Some even have pre-installed water filters for reverse osmosis and water filtration. Also, they have a stretchable neck with buttons so that you can turn the water on or off at distances without needing to use its handle.

#4) Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

A pull down kitchen faucet is a simple yet elegant kitchen fixture. Its main quality is that it doesn’t supply water in a constant stream like a regular faucet does. Instead, it sprays water out using its spray wands, which resembles the way a showerhead works. These faucets are specifically designed to sprinkle pressurized water for better dish cleaning and washing.

With its pull-down feature, it’s fairly easy now to clean your sink without leaving behind sticky leftovers. It works like a hose-pipe that offers flexible and easy water delivery. Moreover, it has a reflex system for smooth operation, secure docking of its spray head, and easy movement.

#5) Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

A two handle kitchen faucet showcases an industrial style that alludes to a rich heritage. It adds to the décor of your kitchen with its two unique handle that are styled after rugged, nut-bolt machinery. 

The dual handles allows you to use hot and cold water separately. Sometimes, these two levers are attached to the central piece as well. Its retractable hose provides added convenience to your everyday kitchen chores.

#6) Side Spray Kitchen Faucet

Side spray kitchen faucets come with sprayers that make washing dishes an absolute breeze. This side spray sits beside the faucet and is stretchy, which means it’s easy to pull out. It’s really handy for places that are hard to reach with normal fixed-mounted faucets, and can be used for washing larger dishes.

Some side spray kitchen faucets are made of chrome to resist rust and scratches to leave you worry-free while spending time in the kitchen. Whether you own a traditional classic or a modern glossy kitchen, side spray kitchen faucets come in a myriad of designs and colors to match your interior.

#7) Beverage Kitchen Faucet

Beverage kitchen faucets are a great way to complement your sink design. They are compatible with an array of filtration systems that deliver clean and purified water. Some beverage faucets are made with diamond seal technology and ensure hassle-free installation, enhanced life, and reduce leakage.

It’s installed on your kitchen sink with only a cold water line – which might not be ideal for regions with only cold weather. However, its reflective look is what makes it work with any kitchen sink style.

Get Help from a Professional Plumber

These were the top 7 types of kitchen faucets for your kitchen. Moreover, if you have decided on a faucet of your choice and are looking for the best plumbing services in Arizona, Mesa Plumbing Company has you covered.

Serving in 12 cities of Arizona since 1949, Mesa Plumbing Company guarantees the lowest price for all your commercial and residential plumbing services. They offer 24/7 service with no extra charges, and render a 100% satisfied plumbing facilities. Contact us now to get your valuable kitchen faucets installed professionally.

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