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As professional plumbers, we do not want to see our clients dealing with an issue, which has the tendency of becoming… messy. Instead of having to deal with a wet and sticky situation, there are some preventive measurements you can take to ensure your toilet and pipes do not bother you again! Here are some tips from the experienced plumbers at Mesa Plumbing:

Tip #1 - Detect the Location of the Main Valve

Each individual within your residence should know where the main valve is located so that if there is an emergency, any one can access it to turn it off before a serious pipe burst or overflow occurs. The sooner the valve is shutoff, the better the chances that your expenses will be small. This is because pipe bursts mean that the pipes will have to be replaced with newer ones, and depending on how many of them were affected, it may cost you a lot.

Tip #2 - Black Water in Toilet

If there is excessive amount of iron or magnesium in the water system, your toilet bowl water will be black in color. It may even be of any other color, rather than being transparent and clear. Though such water is harmless in nature, this means that the filter (if you had one) has stopped working and may need replacement or repair.

Tip #3 - Consider adding an Insulation to your Water Heater

If you wish to save a couple of dollars every time you use the water heater, and even when it’s not in use, consider getting an insulation for your water heater. Heating water takes up a lot of energy, and proves to be expensive, but if you have an additional layer of insulation helping to speed up the process, you may save more than you think.

Tip #4 - Shocked? STAY AWAY!

There are two types of shocks a human being can experience; one of them is the good kind of shock, a surprise that was unexpected. The other one can take your life; an electrical shock. You probably already know that water and electricity do not go well together, so if you have a leak, pipe burst, or any water issues at home, make sure to turn your power off from the main circuit board before the water causes a short-circuit. Do not touch anything or try to access an electronically operated appliance. Instead, wait for a professional Mesa plumber to arrive, and signal to you that the leak or pipe burst has been taken care of before turning the power back on.

Tip #5 - See a weird Bubbling Effect? Your Toilet needs a Professional!

What really happens is that toilets easily get clogged by excessive toilet paper or even by a coin that has fallen in by mistake. This hinders the flush in operating properly. When that happens, the blockage causes some of the water to return to the toilet. Since the blockage is in the main pipes, the water rises to the top, thus, causing a bubbly effect. In order for the toilet to function properly, your main pipe will have to be cleaned properly.

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