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Remodeling a bathroom can help homeowners improve the livability of their home and increase its value. When remodeling a bathroom, most people pay attention to walls, tiles and paint job while forgetting about the plumbing. Doing so can lead to unintended expenses and consequences in the future.

When remodeling a bathroom, it is essential to consider the plumbing aspects to ensure that the remodeling proves to be a positive experience. In this post, we will expand on a few important things related to plumbing that homeowners in Gilbert, AZ must consider when remodeling a bathroom.

1. Take a Look at the Plumbing System

Before undertaking a bathroom remodel, it is important to know where pipes in the bathroom are, the types of plumbing pipes installed in the bathroom and the condition of those pipes. The plumbing pipes may run through the walls or the floors. They may be made of galvanized steel, cast iron or other piping materials. In older homes, pipes may not be wide enough to supply adequate amount of water to new fixtures. If pipes are wearing down, then they should be upgraded during the bathroom remodel. All these important things must be considered when remodeling a bathroom.

2. Enlarge the Size of Drains if Necessary

Drains may get clogged because the drainage size is small. Hair, scum and other waste material can obstruct a small-sized draining opening. Therefore, when home owners are remodeling their bathroom, they should pay attention to the size of drains. They should consult a plumber in Gilbert, AZ about whether the size of drains is too small or not. If the plumber says that the size is too small, they should get the drains replaced.

3. Decide If Plumbing Lines Should be Hidden Or Not

The kind of plumbing layout to be installed during the remodeling depends on the home owner’s preferences. They can leave plumbing lines exposed i.e. pipes run behind the fixtures and sink to give their bathroom an industrial theme. If they want to make their bathroom look modern and cleaner, they can have the pipes concealed. Hiding pipes is not a problem and it won’t have any impact on the functional aspects of a bathroom. However, home owners should think very carefully before deciding the plumbing layout because once the remodel is over, it will be extremely costly and difficult to change the layout.

Additional Tip: Before remodeling of the bathroom is complete, home owners should take images of the plumbing pipes and their location in the bathroom. Knowing where the pipes are located will help home owners in the future, if there are any plumbing issues that need to be fixed.

4. Consider Upgrading the Toilet

The toilet is used in every household regularly, but home owners don’t give any regard to this important plumbing fixture. If a bathroom is being remodeled, odds are that the toilet will be removed. If the toilet is going to be removed, it is better to upgrade it to a higher-efficiency one to save water. For example, there are dual-flush toilets available in the market, which promote efficient usage of water. In this toilet, there are two flushing options: the weaker flush and the stronger flush. The weaker flush can be used to drain liquid wastes while solid waste can be flushed with the stronger flush.

If home owners are satisfied with condition of their toilet or don’t want to spend extra bucks on an upgrade, they should consider only replacing the lid and seat of the toilet to give it a new feel. These minor replacements won’t improve the plumbing efficiency; they will only enhance the interior look of the bathroom.

5. Upgrade the Water Heater

Home owners may install an expensive giant tub or a new dual shower head when remodeling their bathroom. In order to enjoy these new amenities in the cold weather of Gilbert, Arizona, home owners will need more hot water. No one wants a remodeled new bathroom that doesn’t have enough warm water to enjoy a relaxing bath, right? Therefore, when remodeling a bathroom, home owners should consider upgrading their water heater.

High efficiency water heaters are now available that reduce the costs of heating the water and allow homeowners to enjoy warm baths without worrying about their utility bills. There are tankless water heaters and traditional water heaters available on the market for residential customers in Gilbert, AZ. Whether homeowners are interested in upgrading to a tankless heater or a traditional heater, they should do so while the bathroom is being remodeled to avoid hassle in the future.

Final Thoughts

Remodeling a bathroom in Gilbert, AZ can be an exciting experience for home owners. While the bathroom may be small, there are many plumbing ins and outs that must be considered when remodeling it. Home owners should not underestimate the planning, costs and time it is going to take to do the remodeling job safely and correctly. Moreover, they should consult with a professional before they start remodeling their bathroom. A professional can help home owners decide the plumbing layout, the plumbing fixtures that need to be changed, the plumbing pipes that should be replaced and the water heater that would be right for their bathroom.

When it comes to professionals, there is no one else to trust but the plumbers of Mesa Plumbing Company. At Mesa Plumbing Company, we can help home owners with bathroom remodeling to transform their bathroom according to their requirements. We will provide advice on all essential things related to bathroom remodeling and will also complete the remodeling job efficiently and effectively. Mesa Plumbing stands at the ready to provide top quality services and new plumbing fixtures that are among the best in the market today.

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