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The Ideal Water Filtration System for The American Home

By and large, bottled water and other companies dealing in cold beverages have successfully made a veritable fortune on their highly effective marketing campaigns, touting the myriad benefits and advantages of drinking only bottled water alone. Such campaigns are rooted in the premise that the water is “pure,” and has been procured and subsequently distilled from absolutely pristine and natural sources, effectively making it considerably safer than humble and plain tap water.

As a matter of fact, many, if not most of the commercial available drinking water marketing campaigns have largely been highly successful to say the least; at least in terms of making the average American firmly believe that non-bottled water is not even remotely safe for them or their loved ones.

Indeed, such campaigns have been so well received that in a mere few years, bottled water sales have skyrocketed a thousand fold. This in turn has led to the stead increase in landfill waste as well as overall environmental degradation.

However, it is not really necessary to drink only bottled water to protect your health. On the contrary, there are other equally safe (if not even more so) methods that can ensure that the water you drink is as healthy and safe as you want it to be.

The best thing to do under the circumstances is to simply acquire a straight forward water filtration system. In other words, simply purchasing a water filter in your own home, office or any other place where you live and work. In the long run, it is not only a considerably less expensive exercise but also leaves far less of an ecological footprint, which in turn is markedly less damaging for the environment, especially when compared to the ubiquitous ‘bottled water’.

And provided you have chosen the right filtration system, keeping in view the degree and specific type of potential water condemnation in your area, it is quite possible for you to easily and safely minimize or eliminate the contaminants that may be of highest concern in your locality. Let us take a look at some of the filtration systems that are currently available today and study some of their pros and cons as well.

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system

The core concept of a ‘reverse osmosis’ type of filtration system revolves around the usageof a membrane that acts to actively remove very many contaminants that may be present in the drinking water. However, the membrane is generally not enough to get the job done on its own. This is why it is generally paired and matched with what is commonly referred to as a ‘Granulated Activated Charcoal’ (GAC) type of filter whose job is to remove the excess chlorine already present in the water.

Such a system can easily be mounted in many different places, but the most common location is usually the kitchen sink, since most people are not comfortable with their drinking supply being present in the washrooms. There is usually a holding tank as well and it is paired to the filtration system to ensure that the water supply remains adequate for both cooking and drinking purposes.

The semipermeable membrane is able to easily separate many different types of water based contaminants from your fresh water supply thereby making it safe for drinking as well as cooking purposes. However, as with all systems, this too comes with its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages.


  • The main advantage of an RO water filtration system is that it can easily remove most of the commonly found water based contaminants.
  • It is portable and convenient and can also easily be mounted under the sink. A simple spigot that may be placed over the counter can ensure supply of clean water at all times.
  • It is capable of reducing asbestos, heavy metals, arsenic, and even fluoride amongst other harmful chemicals.


  • Unfortunately, the RO system wastes far more water than it actually is able to produce or filter.
  • It does not have the ability to reduce either endocrine disruptorsor VOCs.
  • It requires a lot of pressure to work properly, therefore it is not an ideal solution if there is no water supply to the house.
  • It is very slow, that is, it can take upward of an hour or so to filter at most, one gallon of water only.
  • All filters need to be changed periodically so that it could continue to function properly.
  • It also removes some highly necessary minerals(that our bodies need) from the water.

The distillation process as a form of water filtration

As a general rule the distillation process utilizes heat to help turn the water into steam. This steam then rises and thereafter moves straight into a condensing or cooling chamber. This is where once the cooling process is complete it is turned into liquid all over again. This process helps removes many contaminants. Apart from substantially reducing both heavy metals as well as minerals, it also kills bacteriaand other germs due to the water being boiled at high temperature.


  • It has the capability of removing huge amounts of contaminants.
  • It substantially reduces asbestos, heavy metals and even arsenic and fluoride.


  • Simple distillation by itself alone cannot reduce either reduce VOCs or even endocrine disruptors.
  • A typical home distillation system requires plenty of space and is often large and unwieldly.
  • Distillation system are quite expensive in their own right.
  • They require a lot of electricity to operate.

Acquiring a water filtration system is a substantial investment and due care has to be taken since the health of your loved ones is under consideration. This is precisely why it is important that you take the advice of the real professionals in this field. That is, Mesa Plumbing in Arizona.

When you want to have a brand new water filtration system installed in your house or just need to get yours repaired, simply get in touch with for all your water filtration needs.

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