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Clogged drains and grease traps can be a nuisance, especially when you are running a restaurant. In businesses where the volume of food waste is large, a garbage disposal unit can be a life saver. It helps ensure that the leftover food is adequately disposed of. At the same time, the drain and the kitchen remain clean and fully functional.

However, a garbage disposal unit is effective only until it is properly used and maintained. In order to ensure that your garbage disposal unit functions effectively, you need to know and follow a few basic guidelines. These guidelines will ensure that your garbage disposal unit runs smoothly, and so does your restaurant. The do’s and don’ts of garbage disposal are highlighted below.


Don’t Use Your Garbage Disposal Unit as a Garbage Can

A garbage disposal unit is not synonymous with a garbage can. It can grind food particles, but it cannot scrap all types of food. Large volumes of starchy food, peels of fruits and vegetables, and bones can damage your garbage disposal unit. Adding too much food together can also damage the appliance. To avoid troubles with your appliance, it is important to place small amounts of food in your garbage disposal. Also avoid throwing bones and peels in your garbage disposal as it can severely damage your garbage disposal unit.

Don’t Pour in Grease or Other Fats

Fats and grease should not be poured into the garbage disposal. When drained into the garbage disposal unit, fats and grease can accumulate around the appliance and can clog the drain. An easy solution is to wipe out all fats and grease from pans and plates before washing them.

Don’t Use Tricks to Sharpen Up the Blades

It might come as a surprise, but garbage disposal units do not have blades. Instead, they have impellers. These impellers are blunt and force particles against a grinding ring which results in the breakdown of food particles. Therefore, you should not use tricks to sharpen up the blades of your garbage disposal unit. Instead of improving the functioning of your garbage disposal unit, attempts of sharpening the blades can cause more damage to your appliance.

Don’t Try DIY Tricks to Improve Efficiency or Repair Your Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal stops working, you might be tempted to resolve the problem on your own. Unfortunately, a garbage disposal is a mechanical appliance and not everyone is trained to handle it. As an owner of a restaurant, you need to ensure that your kitchen is fully functional so that the orders keep moving. If you waste time in trying to fix your garbage disposal unit on your own, it may lead to a loss of business as well.

Another important consideration is that trying to repair a garbage disposal unit can also be dangerous and lead to injury. No restaurant owner can afford to pay for an injured employee. It will only slow down the functioning of your kitchen. Therefore, trying new techniques for fixing your garbage disposal without adequate training can cause more damage not only to your appliance but also to your business. A better option is to seek assistance from a professional plumber. They have the right skills and knowledge. Therefore they can help fix your garbage disposal unit without costing you injury or loss of business.

Don’t Use Hot Water to Flush

It is important to flush your garbage disposal unit every time you use it. However, you should not use hot water to flush your garbage disposal unit. Hot water will cause grease and other fats to liquefy. When this liquefied grease goes down the drain, it can clog the drain.


Do Use it Regularly

In restaurants, garbage disposal units are often used regularly. This is essential for maximizing efficiency and performance of the garbage disposal unit.

Do Keep it Clean

One of the most important do’s when it comes to garbage disposal is keeping them clean. Considering the volume of food which flows down a commercial garbage disposal unit, it is bound to have residual food particles. This can result in accumulation of bacteria and odor in your garbage disposal unit. Therefore, it is essential to keep it clean. Often times, garbage disposal units come with instructions about cleaning from the manufacturer. You can try cleaning your garbage disposal unit based on the recommendations or you can seek services of a professional plumber.

Do Run the Cold Water down the Drain

Once the job of a garbage disposal unit is complete, it is important to flush water through the system. This helps keep the garbage disposal unit clean. However, it is recommended that you run cold water down the drain. This helps manage the problem of clogged drains which is caused by running hot water.

Do Seek Professional Assistance

In case of a malfunctioning garbage disposal unit, it is highly recommended that you seek professional assistance. Trying DIY techniques can cause more damage to your appliance and your business.

The Right Professional for Your Garbage Disposal Unit

Repairing a garbage disposal unit at a restaurant is not a DIY task. You will need to rely on the services of a professional plumber, who can deal with plumbing problems on a commercial scale. Restaurant owners in Arizona do not need to worry when it comes to a dysfunctional garage disposal. Mesa Plumbing Company provides solutions to all the plumbing problems which can arise in a restaurant. We have a team of qualified and experienced plumbers who can provide all sorts of commercial plumbing support. From clogged drains to repair and reinstallation of garbage disposal unit, our professional staff is available 24/7 to help identify and solve all your plumbing problems. To know more about our services, visit our website or call now at 480-832-1660.

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