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The 5 Different Types of Water Heaters

The availability of hot water is no less than a blessing, being preferred for in-house cooking, cleaning, bathing and for heating the place as well. And as science has progressed forward, so has the technology to heat and store water for domestic usage and purposes.

Let’s take some of the most notable methods through people can have access to hot water in their homes, readily available so that it can be used for a multi-purpose reasons.

Tankless Water Heater

These systems help heat water primarily on the basis of the owner’s need to do so. Tankless water heaters aren’t designed to store water. In fact, they are so small in proportion that you could even hang one on a wall for display (might be a tad bit exaggerated, but you get the point).

Though tankless units are quite expensive when compared to other heaters, but they do however have the following benefits:

  • An efficiency rate of 80% or higher.
  • Endless supply of hot water.
  • Space is saved since there is no storage or extra tank.

Electric Heat Pumps & Heaters

These are commonly and mostly charge up by electricity as the name implies. The water gets heated when the electric heater draws heat from the air which is later transferred water contained in a storage tank. Many such heaters require consistent maintenance so as to check the filters and see to it that the filters are cleaned or not. Electric heaters work best during summers or in places where the climate is inclined toward the hotter side. During this period the technologies can operate up to 3 times better and more efficient than a traditionally manufactured and designed unit.

Solar Water Heating

Solar Water heating is a process through which free and limitless power source such as the sun is used to make the best use possible. Heaters of this type feature two main distinct parts such as:

  • Solar Collector that absorbs heat by successfully absorbing the light heat from the sun.
  • Insulated Storage Tank for storing heated water.

With proper maintenance and help provided to users of these heaters from a reliable vendor, one can run the equipment for around 15 to 20 years without facing any major troubles or issues.

Gas or Propane Water Heaters

Gas powered water heaters are usually those which use a burner to heat water and come with variable storage capacities. Though they are more expensive when compared to electrical heaters, gas or propane heaters are widely labeled as more energy efficient then their counterparts. They require a circulating air around them to function adequately and their size range can vary from 30 to 100 gallons. A general safety precaution to using them is to make user that combustible materials are not kept nearby.

Boilers or Storage Tanks

Relatively simple and inexpensive systems that use little to no electric supply, these boilers or storage tanks are able to recover hot water about twice the lesser amount of time needed by other systems. The working mechanism is also relatively easy to understand, as cold water is stored in a storage tank where it is quickly heated by a burner. When water is required it is stored and reheated until needed.

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