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Are you a property manager or a landlord? In both cases, tenant satisfaction is important to you, is it not? This means regular maintenances and a well-kept property in all aspects. Is this the rule you apply to your property? There are a lot of things involved with this, but we suggest that you start with plumbing. We have some great advice for you in this regard, and once you act on it, your tenants will be satisfied and you will be able to retain them. Not to forget the timely rents that will start coming in.

Unclogging a toilet

Tenants can be lazy at times and may not even be able to deal with a clogged toilet. In that case, they will call you and if you disappoint them, you can expect a decrease in your rental income. Unclogging a toilet is not that difficult, and all you need is a plunger. If the clog is too tough, you might need a drain snake. Try it out, and if you still cannot rectify the situation, you should call a pro.

Repairing a leaky faucet

A leaky faucet can be repaired if you tighten the base. At times, you may have to replace the inside washer. If none of these work, you will probably have to install a new faucet.

Knowing the location of the shutoff valve

Do you where the main water supply shutoff valve is located in your building? You should be aware of this so that you can turn it off if there is a leakage. You will have to call a professional plumbing service for this, but until they arrive, the water leakage can cause a significant amount of damage. You should also make sure that your tenants are aware of the valve location as well.

Dealing with low water pressure

In most instances, water pressure is low because of a clogged shower. Clean it up with a mixture of vinegar and water, and the pressure will improve. If it still does not, confirm the same with a water pressure gauge. You will then have to take the help of a plumber who will identify the problem and solve it.

Regulating the water heater temperatures

There are so many tenants who have the misconception that increasing the temperature on the water heater will improve the pressure and provide them with more hot water. In reality, none of this happens and what they get is hotter water, and not more hot water. We suggest that you should operate your water heater at factory settings, and ask your tenant to do the same.

If your run your water heater at a higher temperature, it will consume more energy which means greater bills. Moreover, the need of maintenance increases and the lifespan shortens.

Maintaining the disposals

Tenants are often in the habit of throwing food down the disposal. You should regularly inspect them and make sure there are no blockages.

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