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Sump pumps are helpful, especially when it rains! Depending on the location of your house, its structure, and a couple of other factors revolving around rain and water, clogs become a common problem. Usually, rain or excessive water starts to store inside your basement, causing a mini flood. In order to save yourself from a baby Tsunami, a sump pump is your way out of the mess.

The pump helps remove the water from the basement by pumping it back outside. The same happens if there is an unexpected pipe burst or any form of leakage that is causing water to fill and cause damage to your residence. The pump will release the water in to the back or front yard, depending upon the residence, and not any sewers as chances are that they may get clogged too and spill out, causing an even bigger and yuckier mess.

In order to prevent your basement and the rest of your house from becoming a community pool, here is how you can keep your sump pump in good shape so that it can pump to the rescue!

Regular Maintenance

Every four months, clean the inlet screen of the pump, check its power cord, and dump some buckets of water to see if the pump is still working as efficient as ever. If you need help with this, you can call a Mesa Plumbing expert to help you. If there is any problem, the expert will take care of the problem right away, before it is too late. If things are normal, and the pump is fine, the expert can come back every 3-4 months to check on the pump and its condition.

Annual Maintenance

Our experts at Mesa can also visit you on an annual base to take care of the following maintenance tasks:

  • Removing the pump completely and cleaning it
  • Cleaning the sump
  • Replacing the sump if needed
  • Checking the cord, testing, and replacing the cord
  • Dumping a bucket (or more) of water to check if the pump is operating correctly with complete efficiency

Possible Disasters

The basement has many pipes, wires, appliances, and a whole lot more as it works as a storage when not in use, and as other things when it is in use. Flooding can cause an electrical short circuit in the house, and possibly a fire if the electricity is exposed to dangerous elements. Such a situation can be catastrophic and may cause casualties.

Stay ahead of the game by having a trusted Mesa Plumbing Company expert come and maintain your sump pump for you. Mesa Plumbing Company provide services in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandlers, San Tan, Tempe, Scottsdale and in Fountain hills, AZ.

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