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Water issues in the basement is something all of us deal with, and yes, you have been ignoring it! Ignoring water problems is not wise, the only outcome is that you will lose the worth of your house and it can affect the space. If you want the real estate dealers to give you a good return on investment then you must resolve any kind of water problem in your basement.

Water can collect in your basement from numerous sources. The good news is that you can easily repair such problems. Most people prefer to install sump pumps, which is actually a very effective solution, if not the best. Although these pumps don’t really rectify the water problems, they help treat the issues and keep them under control. Installing these pipes is very affordable and easy. If you have problems when installing them then you can call the best Mesa Plumbing services in Chandler. So how can you fix these pumps without much hassle? Here are some steps that you can follow:

Step #1 Starting Out

When install the sump pumps, make sure that you dig a pit of about 8 inches from the wall so that you don’t damage the foundation. Mark the perimeter and use a jackhammer to cut the concrete 8 inches deep. Once the jackhammer shatters the area, carry the shattered concrete chunks and load them in a bucket to throw away. Then use a liner to excavate the ground further to about six more inches deeper or until the liner levels up with the floor of the basement.

Fit the pit liner in place, and fill the space surrounding it with coarse pebbles. Take your time and evenly level the pebbles with a flat wooden slate. These pebbles serve as a barrier for the seepage of water. If water seepages occur, the water will just drain down the pebbles. Once you set the pebbles, the final task is to add a layer of concrete and set it well for a finish look around the pit liner. Let this concrete dry for about two days then you can resume with the pump fitting.

Step #2 Pump Installation

Sump pumps are usually having diameters of about one and a half inches. On the surface of the pump, roll in a PVC adapter and tighten it well with pliers until it is firm in place. Then use some PVC glue and cement to attach the adapter in place. The main point is to bring this adapter at the surface of the pit liner. Before you set the pump machine inside the pit, make sure that all the electrical wires are separate. With the help of the PVC adapters, gently lower the pipe inside the pit.

Step #3 Final Fittings

Once the machine is in the pit, adjust its position and cover it with a lid. The next step is to install a valve and fix pipes that will connect to the basement ceiling. Connect hoses from the pump to the ceiling and through channels that will lead to the yard outside. The main aim of this machine is to pump the excess basement water away from your home. Drill in holes and fit the hoses with secure nails.

These are just the basic steps to installing sump pumps, for more guidance, you can opt for the best Mesa plumbing services in Chandler.

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