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Replacing and installing a new water heater is far more expensive as compared to having it professionally repaired, but even then, homeowners can’t be expected to hire plumbing services for their water heater every time it breaks down.

There are some maintenance tips, however, which homeowners can apply, that will help in drastically increasing the life-span of their water heater and keep it working in tip top condition all year round. The tips will, moreover, help lower energy bills, ensure a longer tank life expectancy, and minimize damage due to water leakage.

Although you may start on the repair on your own, it’s very important to accept and determine when you won’t be able to fix major issues with the water heater and to call in a professional plumbing service in Gilbert.

Know the type of heater you have

This is a very important piece of information that ideally you should know before even buying that water heater. Does your water heater run on natural gas, electricity or propane? Is it tank-less or does the heater have a storage tank? Knowing all of this is very important due to warranty purposes and usually, these are the very first questions that a specialist from a plumbing service in Gilbert will ask you.

The serial and the model number of your water heater are also helpful bits of information.

Know how to turn off the power and water supply

In the event that your heater is leaking water or there’s a gas leak, knowing how to turn off the apparatus goes a long way in dealing with any kind of emergency. Finding a gas valve or switch from where you can disconnect the heater from the power source is fairly easy.

There are two possible locations that the water valves can be found in, for the shutoff. You could either look above the water heater or outside attached to a wall of your home. Always keep a handful of special tools within easy access, as that alone will make a huge difference in dealing with such emergencies.

The area around the water heater should be well cleared

There are numerous reasons why doing so is a very good idea. The most important reason is that a heater which works with gas needs a good supply to burn the fuel, but if there are other items smothering the water heater, adequate oxygen will not be received. This will cause the unit to become inefficient while also causing damage to the water heater.

Secondly, you won’t be able to detect a water leakage if the area is blocked from view. This can even cause the heater to become severely water damaged, while also resulting in a lot of energy wastage.

Drain your water heater

You should do this once every year. Take out a few gallons of water from the heater using the drain valve and with the help of a garden hose, divert the water to a place which will not be damaged by the hot water.

While there are many ways that homeowners can maintain their water heaters so that it runs for longer, the only option is to hire a plumbing service in Gilbert when the heater eventually breaks down.

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