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Most of the homes fall under the slab Construction Area. This means that a house is built on a slab of concrete that rests directly on the ground. The plumbing system is the standard version that is appropriate copper pipes running right below this concrete slab. Did you know that copper wiring is an excellent material yet there are instances when it begins to leak? That is your typical Slab Leak

How to Detect A Slab Leak

When one talks about how to deal with a slab leak the first thing that you ask is how would you know that there is a slab leak? It is recommended that you leave this kind of stuff to the experts, they will sort things out; you won’t have to worry about a thing. There are tons of telltale signs of a slab leak, and don’t worry, not all of them are caused by a serious problem.

But let’s say you are a DIY enthusiast; here is how you find out...

Water Bills

If you feel that your water bill is unreasonable and excessive even though you have not been consuming water more than normal. This is a sign of slab leak. Make sure that you check it ASAP because even if it is not a leak it could be some other problem.

Sound of a Leak

Even though the copper pipes are placed under a slab of solid concrete you will still be able to hear the sound of running water from any part of the house. We are not talking about the Drip Drip typical sound of a leak but that of the water running inside the pipes when you are sure that no one is using water in the house. That is the best sign of a leak. The sound you will hear will be identical to the one you hear when you are in one part of the house and someone else is in another and using water there.

If you suspect that there might be a slab leak than check the water meter of your house. The first time you check it just make a mental note of the position of the indicators. Make sure that you do this when no one is going to use the water in the house for a while. After a few hours check again; if the indicators show that water has been used then you are probably facing a slab leak.

Warm Floor

Another sign of slab leak is when you are walking across a hard floor anywhere in your house and you feel that one part of the ground is warmer than the rest. Some people find this on the ground of the laundry room or the powder room. This is a sign of a potential slab leak. This occurs when hot water accumulates under the concrete slab.

You can contact Mesa Plumbing Company for expert services in installing and repairing pipes and slab leaks.

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