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One of the most used appliances in residential and commercial properties is the water heater. It's not only the most used appliance, but an important one. Therefore, the quality of water heating systems shouldn't be compromised under any circumstance. One sign of a good quality water heater is that sediment doesn't build at the bottom of the heater over time, which retains its performance.

Homeowners can extend the life of their heaters by draining the water from the heater which will help remove sediment from the bottom. It is very important to check the water heater burner every now and again, and if you spy a mostly yellow flame, or if there is evidence of a layer of soot and carbon, the heater might be clogged. The most sensible thing that home and business owners of Gilbert, AZ do is call the Mesa Plumbing Company.

The first sign that your water heater is broken, and when you should probably think about replacing it or having the problem fixed is the sudden loss of hot water, but other than this there are numerous other signs that warn and predict a heater breakdown such as unpredictable water temperature, and uncharacteristic noise issues. Often though, the entire problem is caused by a single part, the repair of it which will save you the trouble and cost of replacing the overall equipment.

When You Should Replace Your Water Heater

You should remember the following points, to determine whether or not it is the tight time to replace your old water heater for a new one.

Usage and Water Quality

Water heaters see a lot of usage in the winters, especially in areas that see extreme winters. Obviously in such cases, the machinery doesn’t last as long compare to heaters that are used sparingly. Furthermore, our hot water needs change as the year wears on according to the seasonal change. Residents in Gilbert, AZ often complain about hard water problems which is the main reason for mineral content buildup inside the plumbing lines that may shorten the unit’s life.

Age of the unit

Most water heaters come with a 5 or 10 year warranty, so a relatively new one may work for a long time, so it’s advisable for homeowners to invest in a new water heating unit. However, water heaters that are generally installed in older homes and buildings are ancient and susceptible to problems occurring which is an indication of having it replaced. Common problems include heaters failing to produce hot water, unable to maintain the temperature, or unable to produce hot water consistently, and are all signs that the unit should be replaced.

Water leakage

There is no easy way to fix a water heater that is leaking. Homeowners should call a professional plumbing company the very moment they notice leaking or standing water. The water tank needs to be replaced as soon as possible, before any damage is done to the home.

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