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What does a school full of high school kids and a factory which manufactures automotive parts have in common? Nothing, right? Well, in most respects, they have no similarities to each other except one: both of them employ the use of commercial boilers. You need to make sure that whatever the purpose of your building is, it has the adequate capability to maintain a hospitable environment for everyone. Commercial boilers make a very important part of the whole infrastructure, no matter what the commercial building does.

When a commercial boiler is working properly, the property is well heated. If there’s any time that the boiler is not working properly, things can become very uncomfortable for everybody. We’re going to take a look at some of the warning signs which tell you that your commercial boiler is in need of a repair. Oh, and if you happen to own a commercial boiler in Chandler, Arizona, we happen to have some good news for you if you need your repairs.

1 - Old Age

Some equipment that you use in your building is built to last for a specific time period. The thing is that not everything is able to last forever. Just like any other mechanical equipment, a time will come when the commercial boiler you have in Chandler will not work properly anymore. Your commercial boiler will need to be repaired at a certain point in time, especially if it is very old. Most of the boilers can have the steel sections replaced easily and you can install new tubes in the boilers. That is all they need to become as good as new again. That being said, getting your commercial boiler in Chandler, considering the conditions, you can stand to benefit a lot from regular servicing. Instead of letting it go out of commission, you can prolong your commercial boiler’s life by a considerable amount. It is also advisable not to try and replace boiler parts yourself unless you are absolutely sure of what you’re doing.

2 - Strange Smells

The boiler is not supposed to smell bad. In fact, it is not supposed to smell at all. Now, over the course of time, your commercial boiler in Chandler will see some kind of damage. Damaged boilers can experience a number of leakages. They can be gas or oil leaks. When that happens, you might start to get a strange egg like smell or a metallic smell. Even though the carbon monoxide is actually odorless in its natural state, the gas supplying companies add sulfur to it. This makes it easy to detect the gas leak and that is why you might get the rotten egg like smell in case of a leak.

Gas leaks are never to be taken lightly. Make sure that if you notice even the slightest signs of a gas leak, you investigate the problem further. If you feel that there might be a gas leak from your boiler, make sure you start the arrangements for repairing the commercial boiler immediately. It’s a significant health and safety hazard.

3 - Delay in Heating

In just a little while after turning on the boiler, you should expect it to produce heat. A sign that your commercial boiler in Chandler is in the need of repairs is that it does produce heat but it takes it a longer time to do it. This can be due to a problem with the circulation in the boiler. When there is a circulation issue with the boiler, you might also notice your boiler switching itself off frequently without any warning in order to avoid becoming overheated.

This can happen due to a number of small issues. Getting the boiler checked and repaired can solve the problem. That being said, there is also the off chance that the boiler model is inefficient and needs to be replaced. The repairman you call in to look at your boiler will be able to tell you the best course of action.

4 - Insufficient Heating

Another warning sign that your commercial boiler in Chandler needs repairs is that it is not providing enough heat. Your boiler might be producing heat regularly but it does not seem to be able to bring the building up to the right temperature setting that you calibrated. This means that there is a heat distribution issue with your commercial boiler in Chandler.

This is a problem that can occur because of a lot of possible issues with your commercial boiler. While it is only natural for you to check what the source of the problem is, it will be difficult to point out. It could be because of buildup in the tank, your thermostat might have short circuits or any other issue. Of course, the first thing that you should do is to check the thermostat settings to see if someone just messed with the temperature settings you calibrated. Most of the time, insufficient heating is caused by that. If that isn’t the case, however, it is better to call in a professional to properly examine and determine the source of the problem.

5 - Water Leakage

The last sign that your commercial boiler in Chandler might need repairs is the leakage of water. Damaged boilers might start to leak the water in them. If you happen to notice any puddles around your unit, you need to get a professional technician to come in and examine the situation. Water damage can get pretty bad for your building and you do not want to let that problem get out of hand. Even if your boiler is leaky but it is heating adequately, you need to get the problem addressed because it will be using a lot more energy to do its job. That adds in another risky factor: the chance of bursting. Don’t take water leaks lightly. Call in someone.

Calling the Professionals

Who better to call to fix your commercial boiler in Chandler than Mesa Plumbing Company? Addressing the plumbing needs of residents throughout the state of Arizona, Mesa Plumbing can handle your commercial boiler’s repairs with ease and make your life easier. Just give us a call at (480) 832-1660 for more information.

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