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It is super easy to take the sewer systems and plumbing for granted if you have never incurred the slightest problem. However if you do start experiencing issues with plumbing and cannot detect the root of the problem in your house, the invisible issue may just lie in the sewer line.

There are tons of things that can tell you that the sewer lines needing repairs, these include inconsistent water levels, bad odor, slow drains in the sink etc. Here are some of the things that indicate you might have a sewer problem.

The Fluctuating Water Levels in the Toilet

One way to tell for sure is when you start noticing that the water level in your toilets begins to fluctuate. If you flush and notice that the one day the water level is higher than yesterday and the next day it is way too low, then call in the professionals.

Water That Takes Forever To Drain in the Sink

The slow draining shower and sink are always a result of something that went wrong in the sewer lines. If the water comes back up then your sewer problems just escalated. The unfortunate part is that using commercial drain cleaners may do very little at this point. If you are lucky they might fix the drain for a while, but only A WHILE. On top of that frequent use of drain cleaners is not recommended, as the chemicals are strong enough to weaken and corrode the pipes.

Foul Smells Even After You Scrub the Bathroom Clean

Sewer odor detection in your bathroom is another sign that you need to call in the plumber. If the smells are accompanied by strange clanking sounds from the drain then it is the sewer line begging to be fixed for sure.

A Changing Yard

If you have a yard, the signs of a leaking sewer line are evident in the raised patches that appear dappled all around it.

Other Plumbing Problems

Another sign of a potential damage to the sewer line is that all of a sudden you start experience multiple plumbing problems. If the drains get backed up you need cast iron pipe repair installation.


Insects, rats, and mice are all the things that are drawn to sewer pipes that are broken or leaking. If you start noticing them in your house, you may have to call in the repair man, or get a simple check done by professionals.


Water stains have always been the outcome of pipes that are broken. If these appear around your basement, then it could mean that the pipes leading to the sewer are not working right.

Discolored Water

Water that is a little brown or rusty in color could be a result of a lot of different things. However one of the reasons includes corroded pipes.

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