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Managing a restaurant can be an exhilarating experience. Everyday restaurant owners have to make vital and quick decisions that can help them speed up service and accommodate diners. One wrong decision can lead to a bundle of problems in the future.

One major concern for restaurants in Gilbert is the sewer lines. It is essential for the owners to ensure that the sewer lines are properly working as they could lead to hygiene problems. The one thing that often cause confusion in regards to sewer lines issues is whether it is best to get them repaired or is it better to get them replaced.

How can you make the right decision? Firstly, it is essential to learn about the common causes that lead to such issues.

Common Issues in The Sewer Lines

Sewer issues can lead to major problems if not dealt with immediately. However, some restaurant owners spend a lot of money in repairing or replacing the system when there isn’t a need or when they could have easily avoided it. Here are a few most common issues why your sewer lines can break down or get clogged:

Foreign Objects

Foreign objects can easily get stuck in the pipes that can obstruct the natural flow. Another main problem that is that restaurant sewer lines usually get grease buildup on the pipe walls which also disrupts the natural flow.

Tree Roots

Once the lines get old, they gradually start growing roots that lead to clogging.

Pipe Misalignment

Foundation settling, frozen ground and/or shifting of soil can result in sewer pipes cracking, breaking and shifting.

Bellied Pipes

Soil and ground conditions can sink the pipes that can cause waste and paper to buildup and block the natural flow.

Fully Collapsed Piping

Gradually, the sewer lines starts degenerating and a large clog can end up taking a toll on pipes that can cause flow restriction or collapse them.

Replace It or Repair It?

Once you have a complete idea about the issues and problems, it is time to decide whether to replace the lines or repair them.

Repair the pipe(s) if:

  • It is easily accessible
  • It can have a good life expectancy after the repairs
  • It is properly sized as per your needs

Replace the pipe(s) if:

  • It has collapsed
  • It has deteriorated or deformed
  • It has exceeded its life span
  • It is undersized for your needs

Researching and being fully informed is essential to manage the sewer lines of your restaurant. Always remember to hire professional help if there are any issues in your sewer lines. There are various professional plumbing services available in Gilbert that also offer consultation services. Have your sewer lines checked and avail professional advice before making your final decision.

Various problems arise when owners try to fix the problem themselves. It can lead to even costlier repairs or replacements. Ensure that you don’t end up spending more than necessary by dealing with the problem at once and involving a professional plumbing service.

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