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Sewer line maintenance is only required when you see signs of the sewer getting clogged, which happens for a number of reasons. However, it is important that you first learn about the common blockage problems. Despite putting in all the efforts to maintain sewers lines and systems, you can’t avoid the timely complications. Common causes of sewer line blockages include:

  • Shrub roots or tree roots getting in the way of the system.
  • Disposing paper, household hazardous waste, garbage, or grease drown the sewage lines (always ensure to play your part to avoid sewer blockages).
  • Vandalizing the sewage systems by throwing incompatible or foreign materials in manholes or sewer pipes.


Ongoing maintenance and care can help to keep the system working fine and prevent you from incurring a huge maintenance or worse, replacing cost down the road. Here are some preventive maintenance procedures that you can implement.

Visually Inspect the Lines

You can always call in professionals to regularly check the frames, manholes, breaks, missing parts, or covers, which can compromise the airtight feature of sewage lines. Maintenance and replacement will be required in this case and you can depend on us at Mesa Plumbing to handle this problem.

Smoke Testing

Blowing smoke through sewer lines can help to find the breaks, as well as other problems in the lines. This method of detection often helps to identify the problems and you, as the owner, can know when it’s the right time to work on maintaining the lines. As a property owner, you are advised to carry out the appropriate repairs before the problems get out of hands.

Chemical Root Treatment

If sewer lines have root growth within them, which blocks the lines, skilled workers may use the chemical root treatment to get rid of the problem. This chemical is basically a foamy solution, which inhibits the re-growth of roots and kills the existing ones.

Vacuum/Jet Cleaning

Another great way to maintain sewer lines is with the use of a high pressure water hose, which rinses the lines and eliminates roots or other contaminants. The impurities are later removed from the sewage systems with the use of high powered vacuums.

TV Line Inspection

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to detect deep causes of the blockages; for this when you have to use the TV line Inspection, which helps to detect all other sewage related problems. High quality cameras are lowered down through a manhole and then navigated through the lines to identify the precise locations of leaks or obstructions. This helps to eliminate any doubt, and you can carry on with the sewage line maintenance process.

Relining of the Sewer Mains

As a preventive maintenance, you can rehabilitate sewer lines by fixing PVC plastic lines, which helps to extend the structural life of sewage pipes, reduce leakages in the pipes, and inhibit the growth of roots.

For the best maintenance services, repairs, or any plumbing related problems, feel free to visit us, Mesa Plumbing on Apart from Gilbert, you can also avail our services in Tempe, San Tan, Queens Creek, and Mesa.

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