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A sewer line is perhaps the most important plumbing fixtures in your home It channels all the waste from your house to the municipal authorities. A problem with your sewer line can affect the entire house so a sewer line inspection is critical.

Sewer line inspection can be the beginning of addressing some larger underlying problem in your home. Once you get the inspection, only then you can start working towards fixing the problem. But before you go for an inspection, you should know what it is, why it is important and what you should expect? Here we share all the relevant information about sewer line inspection so let’s get started.

What is Sewer Line Inspection?

A sewer line inspection is a professional inspection of your sewer line using appropriate equipment. A video camera attached to a snake line is used to record the internal conditions of your lines. This will help you identify any cracks, collapsed lines or any clogs in the sewer line. Other problems inside the sewer line such as tree roots and any other problems within the sewer line can be identified.

Most often, people go for a sewer line inspection when they are investing in a new house. While it is a good idea to get sewer line inspection done before you invest in a new house, you should also consider it if you notice any signs of backup in your home. Also, a sewer line inspection should be a consideration if you are repeatedly experiencing clogs in your home.

Why is it Important?

Many people assume that sewer line inspection is not necessary. In fact, they consider it is a waste of time and money. In reality, a sewer line inspection can help you identify problems before they create a havoc in your house. It actually helps you save thousands of dollars in the long run. So before we get into the details of what to expect during a sewer line inspection, let’s take a look at why it is important.

Sewer Problems are not Always Obvious

There can be problems in your sewer line and they can continue to persist for years before they show up in your plumbing fixtures. For example if there are tree roots, they can continue to stay there without backing up sewer waste in your home. So, it is natural for you to assume that everything with your sewer line is fine when it reality that is not the case.

A sewer line inspection gives you an opportunity to identify problems with your sewer line before it causes other plumbing problems.

Sewer Line Inspection Saves You in the Long Run

Though sewer line inspection costs you money, it should be considered as an investment. Since sewer line inspection allows you to identify problems before they cause damage to your plumbing fixtures, an inspection can save you hundred and thousands of dollars in repair.

So even if your sewer line inspection identifies one problem in your sewer line that, if gone unnoticed, can result in multiple issues which would cost you a lot in repairs.

What to Expect?

If you are planning a sewer line inspection for your house, this section will guide you about what to expect.

Before the Inspection

For an inspection, you will need to schedule an appointment well in advance. Most professional plumbing companies offer the facility of online scheduling a sewer line inspection. Once you schedule an appointment on the website, you will receive a phone call from the customer representative of the company. They will ask you questions about the conditions of your plumbing fixtures which will give them a better idea of what the exact conditions of your sewer line are. Some of the initial questions may include:

  • Are there any plumbing fixtures installed in the lower level of your house such as a laundry basin or a bathroom in the basement
  • Is there a backup in your house?
  • Does the backup worsen when you use other plumbing fixtures?
  • Is the backup accompanied with foul odour?
  • How often do you notice backup in the house?

Based on your answers, the customer representatives can sense the urgency. In case you main drain is clogged, they will schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If the main drain is not clogged, they will schedule your inspection anytime soon.

The Inspection Process At Home

One on the day of the appointment, the designated technician will comes to your home. The inspection process usually takes around 1 and a half hour. So most plumbing companies schedule an appointment time for almost 2 to 3 hours. This gives ample time before and after the inspection to discuss any other possible problems with your sewer line and discuss all repair options.

First they will gather all relevant information based on conversation with the home owner. Once they have the required information, they will inspect the sewer line using a video camera and a snake. After the inspection, the trained professional will share all their findings with you. Also, they will give you options for repair and share the cost of each repair option.

If you have any questions or concerns about the kind of repair you will need, this is the time when you can ask.

A sewer line inspection process is as simple as that. If you are planning a sewer line inspection for your home, Mesa Plumbing are the professional plumbers you can trust. We have licensed and experienced staff who have the equipment and expertise to inspect even the most minor issues with your sewer line before they lead to a bigger problem. Providing excellent service since 1949, we serve in cities throughout Arizona. To schedule an inspection or find out more about our services, visit our website or call now at 480-832-1660.

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