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Being a landlord is a strenuous task, and there will be instances when you overlook small things. However, keeping a tab on these small issues and tending to them as soon as they arise can prevent major repairs in future and help you save money. You should regularly maintain your property and make sure everything is operating in optimal conditions. Here is some advice that will help you with regular property maintenance.

Deal with pests on a monthly basis

You are so lucky that your property is not infested by any pest such as termites or rodents. But you never know when these annoying creatures start breeding. As a precaution, you should exterminate once in a month or two months so that you can prevent all pests problems. Yes, this does incur frequent costs, but in the long run, you are saving yourself from trouble.

Extermination can be carried out by yourself if you have all the supplies available, but taking help from the pros is a better idea. Plus, your tenants will be happy and you will be able to retain them.

Inspect your plumbing regularly

Water leakages are a common issue and lead to a significant amount of damage if left unattended. As such, you should regularly inspect your plumbing system especially if there has been heavy storm. Once the snow starts to melt, then also you should examine all the pipes.

Observe your walls and ceilings and make sure there are no soft spots. Also take note of your toilets, showers and windows and observe if there are any water puddles. You should also check the areas under you sink, boiler and water heater.

The sooner you identify a leakage, the lesser amount of damage you will have to face. Ignoring it will not only incur an expense, but also cause your tenants to leave.

Observe caulking in the bathroom

As time passes, the grout between your bathroom tiles can crack up and the caulk on the tub loosens. Should this happen, it means your fixtures are no more water proof and water will be able to leak through them and damage the walls and floors. Always be on the lookout for the smallest of holes and cracks, and get them repaired immediately.

Test your CO Detectors

You should get your carbon monoxide detectors tested on a regular basis, and make sure they are operating properly. Set up a schedule and follow it every month; this will make things easy for you.

Generally, a carbon monoxide detector lasts for around five years and smoke alarms have a lifespan of about ten years. If you have been using these devices for periods longer than this, you should get them replaced.

Replace your air filters

Change the filters of your HVAC system regularly. Try to purchase a filter of high efficiency so that you can also save some amount on your energy bills.

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