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Save Energy by Switching to Modern Tankless Water Heaters

Traditional water heaters can waste valuable resources by keeping the water hot even when it is not required in a home. With the availability of modern tankless water heaters, it is possible to only use energy when there is an actual requirement for hot water. Save valuable resources this winter by switching to modern methods and ensure that you lower your energy bill and control your carbon footprint.

Here, we first share the principle of tankless water heaters. We then share their valuable advantages and this informational article by describing the importance of saving energy in our routine activities to have a better future.

The Principle of Tankless Heaters

The tankless water heaters work as a single unit and provide the same heating functionality as a traditional heater, but without the presence of a water storage tank. It can use the same principles, such as burning propane, natural gas or using electric coils to heat the water. These heaters are termed as on-demand heaters, because of their ability to selectively provide heat, only when required.

These systems employ an intricate piping system and a strong heating mechanism to ensure that they can quickly produce water at the required temperature. Proper use is possible when the installed system is according to the client requirements and can provide good functionality to the connected water fixtures.

These heaters start work when a connected hot water tap is turned on. The heater draws cold water, which activates the sensor. This turns on the burner or the electric coils, depending on the method used for producing the heat. The heat exchange quickly warms up, while the cold water circles through the exchanger. The water warms up to the required temperature when it leaves the heater’s mechanism.

There is a sealed ventilation system for removing combustion products from the gas burners, while no such facility is required in models that run on electricity. This process clearly shows that the heater only operates during a period when the hot water is required at a tap. The use of a heat exchanger is an efficient method and can often produce a significant efficiency improvement over a traditional water heater.

In fact, now we have improved models that are Energy Star compliant and further improve the efficiency of the tankless water heaters by implementing a secondary heat exchanger in products that use combustion gases for heating.

Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

There are several benefits of using on-demand water heaters. Here, we share the top advantages of installing and using these tankless water heaters, especially in place of the traditional heaters that have a large water storage tank.

1.Tax Rebate

These products save energy by design and you can get tax rebate when you buy these products. This reduces the overall costs for installing tankless heaters which are often priced higher than conventional systems, due to the use of complex technology, like the heat exchanger. You should strive to become a model citizen and go for options that protect the environment and allows us to improve the society with better use of the available resources.

2.Consistent Hot Water

These heaters use a quick heating process, which ensures that you can consistently get hot water regardless of the time that you use a hot water tap. This is possible because only hot water is delivered from the heater on a continuous basis. However, the ability of the volume of water available every minute is limited and is therefore, ideal for application, where a few taps would drain the water at any given time.

3.Service Life

The tankless water heaters can serve you for a much longer time. This is possible because they do not hold a large quantity of water, which may damage the vessel. The water is also not kept at a higher temperature all the time, which reduces the problems associated with calcium deposits, which can clog the storage tank of a traditional water heater.

These heaters can easily survive for over 20 years, which is typically twice the service life on offer with the traditional water heaters. This means that your costs are ultimately reduced when you calculate them according to the lifetime of the product that you get as a return.

4.Space Advantage

Tankless water heaters are compact in size and can easily be installed in a limited space. They are a thin box, which only require small plumbing connections and access to the utility which empowers them, like a gas or an electricity connection. They are great for installing on external walls and in limited spaces available in commercial buildings.

They are a convenient solution due to their size in a variety of environments. You should prefer them, when you are constrained by the availability of limited space, and can do better with the same space, especially during a renovation project. Their space advantage is a great luxury, when you have to add a lot of functionality in a limited space.

5.No Standby Heat Loss

There is no loss of heat and energy efficiency, due to the way these tankless water heaters work. They only use the energy when a hot water tap is turned on. This protects the system and ensures that no standby heat is ever produced in the first place. The thermostat also needs to work in spurts and the service life of the supporting elements, such as the connecting plumbing is also enhanced by a considerable margin.

6.No Flooding

Plumbing accidents can happen at any time and one such accident is the failure of a water heater. A typical heater would flood the place and destroy everything which lies close to the heater. This is not the case with a tankless water heater, whose failure can at most produce a drip, which you can eliminate by turning the valve off plumbing which supplies cold water to the tank.

These are a few important advantages of installing tankless water heaters. Try Mesa Plumbing Company for all your heater installation needs, as they have certified professionals that deliver the highest quality of work.

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