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Home owners often require professional plumbing services for clogged pipes and drain cleaning. However, in these economically unstable times, plumbing issues are frequently avoided and ignored to balance out the monthly budget. People sometimes try to clean the mess themselves too, which is a great idea in some situations.

But where the problem is slightly technical and complicated, the risks are really high that they will make the problem worse, resulting in more investment of money than expected as well as serious damages.

To avoid this, you need to understand that most plumbing issues are not do-it-yourself activities. Even the most common situations like, sewer repair or drain cleaning, which are easily addressable at an earlier stage, can cause serious problems due to self-help efforts.

This is why experts at Mesa Plumbing Company encourage you to learn about a few easy fixes that you can try on your own while keeping yourself away from further damage or trouble. A few situations where you can resolve the issue on your own are described in this article. However, to avoid the hassle, feel free to call the experts when needed.

Drain Blockage

The most common plumbing issue faced within homes is related to drain blockage. However, sometimes, basic drain clogs in sinks and drains are fairly easy to clear out without hiring plumbing services. Whereas, in other situations, the risks involved are bigger than expected.

DIY Tips:

The first thing that you can try is a plunger. This will clear out the issue if the blockage is in its initial stage. However, if things have gotten worse, there is still a home remedy you can try next. Try a drain unclogging chemical. If you don’t have it; then you can even try pouring boiling hot water down the drain. Most of the time, issues with a grease trap can be solved with these remedies.

Risks Involved:

If the drains are still not unclogged with the above method, then the pipes under the sink need to be examined. This can only be done at a professional level, as they will unscrew, inspect, unclog, seal, and caulk the pipe joints once more. But without the aid of plumbing services, your main line can become clogged as well, which takes a lot more money and effort to resolve.

Water Leaks

Whether it is your garden hose that is leaking or a bathroom tap; around 3000 gallons of water a year is wasted if the leak drips one drop a second. Apart from the wastage of resources, you will even see colonies of fungi line up through the leakage area over time, or a pest infestation might occur in wet areas. Moreover, you might even have to face the stench of water leakage if it persists for too long. This is why water leaks should be addressed as soon as you discover them.

DIY Tips:

You might be mistaking the leak for a serious damage when it is just a matter of screwing the nuts tightly. If you can see the leakage around the screws, then a few minutes to screw the nut will suffice.

Risks Involved:

Most household leaks cause serious damages if not tended to, promptly. If your leak has not been fixed for weeks, then the matter is probably out of your hands. If you see the leak through the joints of the pipes, then you need pipe replacement. If you can’t see the leakage source, then it is probably behind the walls or within the underground piping system. It is recommended to get professional help in such scenarios as there is a likelihood of encountering electrical wiring behind the walls if you choose to determine the source yourself, which increases the risks of electrocution.

If you want a professional plumbing service to reduce such risks and fix your plumbing problems, then professionals at Mesa Plumbing Company are available for services in Gilbert, Fountain hills, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, and San Tan.

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