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Replacing a water heater in a mobile home in Gilbert can be a complicated process. This is why it’s important t be informed of the situation beforehand. Since water heaters are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, it is important to assess the space and measure the area before replacement or installation. When buying a water heater for a trailer or mobile home, there are some factors that you need to consider. Sometimes however its best to contact a professional, especially where there is risk of injury involved. The Mesa Plumbing Company can help replace a water heater in no time.

Approved for Mobile Home

Make sure that you purchase a water heater that is specifically created for use in mobile homes. These usually have HUD safety approval. In case you are using an unapproved water heater in a mobile home, the company’s warranty will become void and insurance companies may refuse to cover any claims.

Gas or Electric?

Before looking for a water heater, consider what type you require in your mobile home in Gilbert. Make sure to select one that is the same mode as your previous water heater. In case you are shifting from gas to electric or vice versa, remember to factor in the cost of conversion. You will also need to analyze whether conversion is an option. Some electrical panels in mobile homes do not support electric water heaters.

In case of gas heaters you need to ascertain whether your mobile home support propane or natural gas.

Location of the Water Heater

The location becomes much more important if you are considering a gas water heater. If located in a closet or alcove, the water heater will need a sealed combustion water heater that runs on gas. In this type of water heater, the air inlet lets air into the combustion chamber. Failing to use this might be hazardous and against the law in Gilbert. Any warranties for the water heater will become void and insurance coverage may be pulled. This is why its best to call in professionals such as the Mesa Plumbing Company.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Fitting a water heater into a mobile home in Gilbert can become a little more complicated than you think. Make sure that the heater will fit into the space that you’ve appropriated for it. Take measurements before purchase. Make sure to account for the size of the door frame which may be smaller than the closet itself. Locations of the gas valve and water supply lines should be identified before installation.

Operating Costs

The number you see displayed on the price tag isn’t the only cost of the water heater. The recurring costs that you pay throughout the lifetime of the product as you use it must also be taken into consideration. In this case an electric water heater tends to cost less than a gas water heater.

When purchasing a water heater for a mobile home or a trailer in Gilbert, make sure that you’ve taken all factors into consideration. If you fail to assess the situation beforehand, you may end up with a water heater that is not right for your situation and may potentially be a danger to your home and family.

Make sure that you purchase water heaters from a reliable company and consult a professional before installation. The Mesa Plumbing Company can provide consultations on these and related matters. Visit their website at

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