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What is Repiping?

Sooner or later, plumbing fixtures are bound to collapse; and pipes are not an exception to this rule. No matter how durable and safe your pipes are, they will eventually break down and require repair. While it is practical to repair your pipes in case of minor issues, there comes a point where repair jobs simply aren’t enough. This is when you need to reinvest in the piping structure of your house. The comprehensive replacement of your existing pipes in the house is known as repiping.

Years ago, it was assumed that plumbing fixtures in a new house can last forever. As time passed, we can now observe that even in the newly constructed homes, pipes can break down within a few years. This may appear strange but pipes do not generally break down. Instead, there is a leakage. Often the leakage is not from the joint. Instead, there is a leak in the middle of the length of the pipe. If that leak is ignored, it can lead to significant loss of water and damage to infrastructure.

Often, the water supplied to homes contains heavy metals and minerals. This is particularly the case in Arizona. When this hard water flows through the pipes, it can result in a buildup of minerals in the pipes. Over time, this build up can modify the shape of the pipe. It can also exert pressure on the pipe which eventually leads to a leakage. Apart from the internal pressure, external factors such as natural disasters can also affect the health of water pipes in your homes.

How to Know If You Need Repiping?

Not all leakages in the water pipe need repiping. In some cases, a repair can help resolve the issue. In other cases where repairing is not enough of a solution, repiping is essential. Just remember that both repair and repiping are not DIY jobs. You will need the services of a professional plumbing company to ensure that your piping structure is safe and effective.

By knowing the signs that indicate problems in your pipes, you’ll know when it’s time for repiping. Watch out for the following signs to know when you need repiping.

Discolored Water

Discolored water is one of the most obvious signs of repiping. This shows that the water flowing through your pipes is contaminated either because of growth of molds in the pipes or due to rust. It is also possible that the water is contaminated due to any other external element which has entered the pipe through leakage. So as soon as you notice red, brown, or orange colored water, stop drinking it. It is also better to avoid using this water for washing and showering.

Discolored water can also be an indication of a problem with your water heater. When sediment and mineral build up in the water heater, it can change the color of the water. In case of discolored water in your pipes, immediately contact a professional plumbing company. Only a trained and experienced plumber can help you identify the exact cause of the change in water color. Also they can guide you regarding how to go about repiping in case your house needs it.

Inconsistent Pressure

A water pipe which is intact will provide a consistent pressure of water. However, in case of a leakage or buildup of sediment or mineral deposit in the pipe, there can be an inconsistency in the pressure of water. Inconsistent water pressure is not only a source of inconvenience but it is also an indication that something is not right with the pipes.

Most of us do not have the technical knowledge and expertise to identify the exact problem with the pipes. This is when you need services of a professional plumbing company. Only a trained professional can analyze whether your problem can be repaired or do you need to repipe the piping structure in your home.

Frequent Clogs

The pipes which drain water from the house can also get affected due to internal and external pressures. Overtime, they can clog due to buildup of minerals. If you are noticing more frequent clogs in the drain or there is a backup, there is a chance that you might need repiping. While most of the clogs can be handled by professional plumbers, sometimes, you still need to go for repiping. Only a professional plumber can help you assess the need for repiping.

Change in the Taste of Water

A buildup of minerals, rust or growth of bacteria can all affect the taste of the water flowing into your house. If you notice a change in the taste of tap water, it is recommended that you immediately stop using it and contact a professional plumber. Try not to drink tap water until your pipes are inspected thoroughly. If there is an irreparable buildup in your pipes, then repiping is the only option to improve the quality of water flowing into the house.

Choosing the Right Plumbing Company for Repiping

Problems with pipes are not just an inconvenience. In fact, they are a threat to your health and safety. Therefore it is extremely important to respond as soon as you notice any of the above signs. If you want a permanent solution to persistent issues of your pipes, Mesa Plumbing Company can help you. We provide PEX and copper repipes which are not only affordable but are durable as well. Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 to re model and repipe your entire house. That too at the lowest price in town. To know more about our services, visit our website or call now at 480-832-1660.

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