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Restaurants substantially need to maintain their backflow valve regulation to keep customer complaints low. It is not surprising to know that a majority of plumbing complaints received from hotels and restaurants comprise of backflow valve repairs as there is continuous and heavy water flow in the pipelines. To ensure seamless backflow valves, it is vital that restaurant plumbing install and repair and landscape main supply installations are done by reputable and registered plumbing companies only.

Hazards of a Malfunctioning Backflow Valve

A majority of restaurants are located in commercial and industrial areas. If your hotel is close to a chemical factory, you need to either sign a permanent contract with a plumbing company or train your own staff for backflow valve repairs as the chemical waste may easily pollute your main water supply. Small mechanical workshops may also harm your main water supply in a similar manner.

Most restaurants have backflow valves installed on garden sprinklers. The risk of chemical toxicity is greater in the gardens as fertilizers and plant chemicals may easily enter the water pipelines.

External Pressure and Siphoning

Most often, backflow valves only need repairs. But you may need to replace it in case of external pressure or siphoning.

External Pressure: Sometimes the external water supply flows with more pressure than the main supply flow of your restaurant. For example, heavy rain or flood water may enter the main pipeline. In such a case, debris and litter may clog the pipelines, especially the backflow valve that regulates the flow of water. Immediate replacement is needed if this happens.

Siphoning: Reduced pressure of the main water supply restricts regular flow and creates a vacuum, simply leading to a malfunctioning backflow valve.

Repairing Backflow Valve on a Sprinkler

This DIY short guide on backflow valve repairs is mainly important for restaurant and hotel managers.

  • Turn off the main supply.
  • At the base of backflow valve, you will see a ball lever. Turn the lever until it becomes perpendicular to the valve. This ball lever will prevent the remaining water in the pipes to interfere with the valve repair job.
  • Use a wrench to remove the nut on the bell cover. If the nut has rust, it indicates the pipes had been leaking for long.
  • Slide the bell cover to turn it off.
  • Locate the poppet and bonnet in the valve’s interior and remove them.
  • Remove all loose components from the valve’s interior to replace them with new ones.
  • Now slide the poppet into the valve.
  • Place the nut on the top of the poppet.
  • Slide back the bell cover. Make sure that it is perfectly aligned with the top of the valve.
  • Place the nut on the ball cover’s top and tighten it. Avoid tools as they may damage the threads.
  • Bring the ball lever back to parallel position to the valve.
  • Turn on the main water supply.
  • Activate the sprinkler.

Mesa Plumbing Company has backflow valve repairs experts available 24/7. We have the expertise to deal with emergency situations to make sure our customers’requirements are perfectly fulfilled. We highly suggest you thoroughly research plumbing companies before selecting one for your landscape main supply installations.

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