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Every individual who has ever installed a water heater must have faced a few troubles in the beginning. The major reason is that we are not aware of the workings and the possible way outs.

Following are a few frequently asked questions regarding water heaters with the possible solutions.

What to do if the heater maker loud noises immediately after its installation?

This happens usually if there is air in the pipes. The most recommended way is to let the water run for a while so that air can pass along the water. If the problem persists, you can also install an expansion water tank. This would reduce the problem to a greater extent.

What to do if there is leak in the unit?

The problem is usually due to two reason; gasket failure or power supply. You can easily determine the problem yourself and get the gasket repair. As far as the power failure is concerned, you can simply try with the newer and better unit.

Why does the hot water in the heater not last for long?

In such situations, the problem is in the thermostat fixed in the heater. Thermostat is usually affected adversely by the fluctuations in the electricity and lightning. You can simply make sure that the circuit is working fine and the switches are on point.

Why does the hot water stink?

The major reason can be the accretion of iron bacteria in the heater. The best solution is to get your anode rod replaced. Also, you should try to use water frequently to avoid water to be stagnant for longer periods.

Why does the heater get condensed?

Condensation means that the water in your heater is leaking. What you can immediately do to save your meter running is by turning off the main supply of water and gas. Call for your plumber, you may have to get a few parts or the entire heater replaced.

Why is the water pressure low?

There are chances of blockage in any part of the heater. You need a plumber to carefully determine the location and sort it out. On your end, you can just simply check if all the valves are opened.

How to deal with hot water sediment?

Most of the problems that you might face can be due to sedimentation at the bottom of your water heater. You can easily get rid of it by keeping a thorough check on the workings of your heater. Just make sure that you ask your plumber to check your heater after every 6 months.

If the problems still persist, you can definitely contact the best plumbing agency in your area.

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