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On a planet which comprises of more than 60% of water, less than only 3% of all water is drinkable. Considering the limited availability of freshwater, clean and drinkable water is a scarce commodity. This scarcity of clean water, along with an exponential increase in population, has led to a shortage of drinking water.

As of now, the global population is approximately 7.3 billion. Out of which around 330 million people reside in the US. With the population rising at a rate of 1.7% every year in Arizona, the state is categorized as a high risk state, along with 14 other states which will soon experience a water shortage.

Why Invest in a Water Filtration System?

While water shortage is a serious concern, an even more severe issue is a shortage of clean water. A recent study highlighting the water issues in Arizona found very high levels of chromium-6 in the fresh water lines. The chemical is known for causing stomach cancer and other gastro intestinal complications. Today over 200 million people in the United States consume water which has carcinogenic chemicals at some part of the day.

Contaminated water not only affects the human body internally, but can also cause various conditions of the skin. The contaminated water which flows through the lines can easily allow the growth of bacteria and viruses in the supply lines. This can lead to many skin conditions. Also, contaminated water can damage the appliances and plumbing fixtures at home.

Solution to Contaminated Water – A Whole Home Water Filtration System

One of the best ways to avoid all the problems caused by contaminated water is to rely on a whole home filtration system. Whole home systems can guarantee a safe passage of water for your loved ones. There are many types and sizes of whole home filtration systems. Depending upon the need of your family, you can choose the right whole home water filtration system. Though it is an expensive solution but it covers every tap and shower in the house providing adequate safety to your family and appliances.

Provides Clean Drinking Water

Tap water comes from ground aquifers. Though tap water is always processed in the processing plants but it is transported through metal pipes. These pipes can corrode overtime. So the water flowing from these pipes can contain metal especially lead particles.

More over the processing plants use chlorine and other chemicals to remove bacteria. Chemicals such as fluoride are also added to enhance the water quality. Hence fluoride and chlorine are always a part of the tap water in Arizona. According to data, the Environmental Protection Department has regulations for only around 100 contaminants. However, there are around 1,000 known contaminants and numerous others which are not even identified. Too much of these chemicals and contaminants can have negative effects on the health. Therefore you need to rely on a good water filtration system.

Often there are contaminants which are not necessarily harmful for health but can change the taste of water. A good water filtration system removes all the hazardous chemicals, including metals, chlorine and fluorides. It also helps in removing sediments and heavy metals and improves the taste of the water.

Helps Prevent Various Health Conditions

Unfiltered water contains harmful chemicals and bacteria which may have many negative implications on health. Unfiltered water contains a very harmful bacterium, E. coli, which can cause gastrointestinal issues. One of the very reasons for colic pain in stomach of children is unfiltered water.

We all know that chlorine is carcinogenic in nature. Just think of the fact that we take shower every day. We wash our hands and face several times every day. How many times in a day we come in contact with chlorinated water. Chlorine is not only carcinogenic but it has several other side effects. Excessive contact with chlorine can cause headaches, dizziness and red eyes. It can also cause skin eczema and psoriasis. Moreover, who doesn’t like hot showers or steam baths? Chlorine when heated releases acidic gases. Some of these gases are very harmful in nature and can be very dangerous for the skin.

Thus a whole home water filtration system will not only provide you clean drinking water but will also save you and your family from various medical conditions.

Protects the Plumbing Fixtures

The tap water coming from aquifers is contaminated with chemicals and heavy metals. The presence of heavy metals in the water can quickly damage the plumbing fixtures and appliances. As a result, this will reduce the life of your household appliances and plumbing fixtures in the house. Thus you will end up spending more on repair and maintenance.

By investing in a whole home water filtration system, you can reduce the need for repair and maintenance. It will also help increase the life of your household appliances such as washing machine and dishwasher which can easily corrode due to contaminated water.

Environmental Reasons

In the US, every year more than 50 billion plastic bottles are sold on the retail counters. Only 20 billion of these bottles are recycled every year. The remaining 30 billion bottles are still a part of our environment and adding to pollution. These bottles end up in the sea or in landfills. This is just an estimated figure and the actual number may be far more than this.

So if you invest in a whole home filtration system, you will not only protect your family and you plumbing fixtures but will also contribute in saving the environment.

Whole home water filtration systems come at a cost. But the cost by far outweighs the benefits. If you need a whole house water filtration system installed or repaired, contact Mesa Plumbing Company. We provide water filtration systems which will not only improve the taste and quality of water but will also help you cut down on your repair and maintenance cost. Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 to help repair in case your water filtration system breaks down. To know more about our services, visit our website or call now at 480-832-1660.

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